Vacancies at the Green Economics Institute Group


If you are sociable and visionary and practical

Due to exciting expansion and rapid developments we are currently seeking people who can provide the following to our Charitable activities and also fundraising, we have the choice of the  following voluntary activities available:


a) Selling our Books: Voluntary help with selling our books to raise funds for our activities. This would ideally suit someone with experience of book selling and also those without experience who are enthusiastic and who would be available to help us for an hour or two a week over the internet.

b) Co-ordinating our Educational offerings, courses, qualifications: Voluntary help from someone with experience of the Educational Sector to manage and coordinate our students, courses, qualifications and lecturers.


c) Setting up our brand new TV station:Voluntary help with setting this up and running it. We are looking for people both with experience and or enthusiasm for the birth of this exciting enterprise. We need voluntary interviewers, editors, production teams, filmers, video editors, camera people, presenters, interviewers, programme designers, set designers for our brand new TV station which is really international.


d) Fundraisers:Voluntary fundraisers to raise funds for our charity in the following ways: grant funding applications, EU funding applications, charitable applications, charitable events, giftaidable donations, ideas for fundraising and carrying out, budgeting, managing and advertising the events.

e) Campaigns coordinators: Voluntary campaigns coordinators in a range of fields. These must be able to plan a budget, present the budget and also reasonably IT literate and able to use social media and to advertise the campaigns as well as research and ensure they are robust and viable. Volunteers will generally be assigned to one campaign each.


f) Books Production and administration:Voluntary coordinators Creating new books and managing the administration and copyright forms and agreements

g) Economists: Volountary economists working with us to vision and implement new ideas and theories for the global regional and national budgets. Must be able to write a page of text and to use social media.We also need economics modellers.


h) Climate modellers: Voluntary climate modellers who would like to help us implement our ideas for stopping runaway climate change and to input to governments and the COP UNFCC process at the highest levels of diplomacy.

i) Share issue and investment coordinators: Experienced volunteers to help us with the next phase in our development finding and recruiting investors so that we have funds to develop our institute, our activities and find a building for our operations.

j) Migration specialists:if you know about migration and have experience in any capacity please contact us for a number of voluntary positions.

k) Trustees: We always need experienced and or enthusiastic trustees. These are voluntary positions and require about 200 hours a year of committment attending 2 trust meetings for 4 hours each plus our annual conference in June at Oxford and then a committment to supporting at least one aspect of our activities. We also need designers for our artwork.

l) Journals and magazines in print and on line: We need voluntary editors, compilers, journalists, writers, designers and on line specialists to create some new magazines and to enhance our brand new publishing company’s exciting new offerings.

m) We need voluntary investor Directors for our new companies:These include books, TV, economics and diplomacy.

n) We need volunteers to go out and run exhibition stands all over the world for us.This is a very sociable and fun activity but needs careful coordination and budgeting.

n) Donations: We need donations of money, time and resources, to help us change the world for the better. If you can help us please email us today. We will be happy to hear from you.

The voluntary activities above are all fun and very sociable as we have a huge network of 20,000 people around the world from all walks of life. If you are sociable and visionary and practical at the same time- please volunteer with us today: To Apply: Send us your cv, and 3 references including 2 professional references and one character and or educational reference and a covering email of motivation. Please state which activities appeal to you most and why.