Project Manager of Voluntary Team

Project Manager of Voluntary Team
Green Economics Institute Trust

The Green Economics Institute Trust is a Registered Charity existing to Educate the Public  Reform Economics in keeping with Social and Environmental Justice in a Challenging Age. We produce writing, exhibitions, policies, speeches and have a global network of 30,000 people across the world. Our library, activity and resource centre is in Bracknell, Berkshire. We are currently expanding and seek to recruit a Manager for our Volunteers. This post can be done Part Time and can be job shared.


Aim A.     To Manage the effort of volunteers, to match  resources with requirements, to ensure outputs as chosen by Trustees and Directors.

To alert the Directors of gaps, and report weekly in writing the projects updates. To recruit,  advise Volunteers what is needed to be done, to brief them, recruit them, supervise them, expedite their work.


  B To manage the reputation of the Institute regarding the volunteers
  C To ensure health and safety and insurance at all times- zero tolerance for breeches
  D To ensure environmental and social considerations, inclusion and tolerance etc
  E To ensure legal compliance at all times
  F To maintain records at all times as a registry of applications, sending those to our Data Manager, to keep records of activities and cvs and ensure the law is complied with in regard to employment and volunteers and to document that.
  G To ensure all records are kept and a handbook of operations so that this can be handed on to the next person or if the job expands the work can be divided.
  HTo work with other team members to ensure they have volunteers they need but this job is to ensure all volunteers in the organisation are documented not least for   health and safety and references etc.
  ITo provide information for the Directors to write references for team members.
  J To attend the institutes offices twice a year when convenient
  K To attend 2 of the Institutes conferences or events twice a year when convenient to keep up to date with what is happening
  L To attend at least one of the Institutes exhibition stands to see what the public is wanting from us
  M To support the volunteers in their activities to ensure they know what to do. This may involve working with them from time to time   until they are independent.
  N To maintain complete confidentiality and only reporting to Directors and Chair of Trustees except when specifically requested to attend particular board meetings by arrangement. This is limited to a maximum of 4 a year but mostly will  be via skype or phone. At least a once a month phone call for half an hour is required with one Director only as a minimum depending on how the job develops.
  To expedite and make happen projects of the Green Economics Institute Trust
  O The volunteers required include, Marketing, Sales, Conferences, Membership, Members Support, Educational Management, Teaching, Tutorial, Record Keeping, Data Management, Customer Service, Correspondence, Books Production, Campaigns, Climate Change, Migration, Videos, Film, Report Writing, Climate Science, Environmental Management, Biodiversity, Earth Sciences, Renewables, Economists of all kinds, psychologists, psychiatrists, anthropologists, Philosophers, food and farming, transport, carbon experts, librarians, fund raisers, grant funding applicants coordinators, project managers. We emphasize diversity, inclusion and people from around the world and different walks of life.

Applictions with cv and covering email of motivation.

We are currently seeking funding for this Charitable position but at the moment in the first instance it will be voluntary. Please apply sending covering email of motivation and your cv. to The Green Economics Institute Trust

The Green Economics Institute Trust, A Registered Charity, Offices No. I, Abbey House, Clarendon Business Centre, Bracknell, Berkshire, UK.