My life according to me Migration Project and Film Festival

My life according to me

Migration Project and Film Festival

Changing the Narrative of Migration

We are inviting anyone who is a migrant or refugee to join our film festival project- The Details of how to apply

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Project vi 

Project video with talks in detail about the history and present and future narratives about migration


This Project is run by The Green European Foundation with the support of the European Union


Green Perspectives on Migration, Changing the Narrative of Migration Debating the issues. My life according to me

Following our successful project last year about, Implications and opportunities for Green Activism to Foster Integration and successful outcomes from long and short term tools and methods, this year we approach the current Narratives of Migration and question the assumptions being made in the media and film. We notice that successful cities are often those with the largest migrant populations.


Migration has been portrayed as a contemporary European Crisis and a Crisis of the EU but migration has been a key feature of Europe for thousands of years. Climate scientists & economists  warned  that this  would accelerate as global warming starts to erode crops &  habitats,  with sea level rise diminishing available land &  desertification drives  change, e.g. Syria. It is therefore no surprise that these stresses have led to geo political instability.


Greens foster integration and work hard to create new and vibrate new communities and societies whilst these changes are occurring. We examine important pathways to integration and innovations in the Refugee Journey. We continue exploring new ways to look at migration and launch a Film Festival where migrants will be speaking later in the year on film about their lives themselves.


Experts, Policy Makers & Specialist Speakers include: Dr  Sushilla Dhall, Manager at The  Refugee Resource Centre:  Dr Hans Kare Flo Tekna  Technical Trade Union  Head of Research  from Norway:  Danika Formosa from the Ceratona  Green Institute  (Malta) ; Professor Guy Standing, an expert on today’s European Workplaces and global shifts in production and labour  (Switzerland)), and author of several books:  Specialist Migration Lawyer Dr Lavinia Tezza  (Italy), with Green Experts &  Policy Makers  working in the field and 1st 2nd & 3rd Generation Refugees. This project will film interviews with experts and migrants to make a record of the new narratives and try to create a more balanced and useful debate and atmosphere. With economic migrants from various other countries.

Detailed videos of talks at the Migration 1 Day Conference in June 2017


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