Management of The Green Economics Institute and Trust

Please be aware that the management of

The Green Economics Institute

is as follows with immediate effect.


We are aware that certain people are misleading others into thinking they may be managers, trustees, custodians of our  Institute and  data etc.

Only the following are the  managers/owners/Directors at the Green Economics Institute, please ensure you only ask them for any information and only give any relevant data to them.

Our Trustees with full voting rights for more than 1 year are:

Marlyn Lee Hughes

Miriam Kennet

Bianca Madison Vuleta

David Williams

Jack Easton

Paul Kennet

Pamela Harling

Michelle Gale

No one else has the right to speak on behalf of The Green Economics Institute or its trust and no one else has the right to gather or process its data within the law. If anyone else asks to do so or does so on your behalf they may be contravening the law and we strongly advise you not to do so.

The Directors of The Green Economics Institute are
Volker Heinemann

Miriam Kennet

Michelle Gale

There are no other Directors or Trustees of over a year or have the vote and please refer all decision making to the above only. If you notice someone else asking you for data or forms- then it will not be on behalf of The Green Economics Institute and you should not provide it to them in order to remain within the law. We reserve the right to report all contraventions of the laws in this respect to the appropriate authorities so please ensure you do not unwittingly contravene and please ensure you check the above lists before unwittingly providing data to non directors, members or non trustees.

In order to contact any of the above please ensure you only email

and no other email.

We thank you for taking the time to read the above information.

Kind regards

The Green Economics Institute Management Team