Experts and Consultants


Experts or Consultants

photo Maria Madi

Our team members are pleased to help your organisation on a charitable basis, but we ask you to make a donation to our Charity for their help and expertise.

More information will be posted here shortly as we develop this part of our educational portfolio.


Experts and Consultants


The Green Economics Institute Trust has a number of world class consultants who are part of its core team who are pleased to go to Institutions and Governments to give advise and guidance or lead projects over several months or or up to 12 months to help with implementation of our ideas and provide education to teams or volunteers.

If you would like one of our team to help your organisation in this way, we ask you to make a suitable donation to our Charity to support its work.

The requested donation for this advise would start  at multiples of £750 per person per day plus expenses depending on what is required, its complexity and how long the team member would have to be away and how much preparation The Institute would have to do.

We can also support your work by email or skype and and so the requested donations would be lower.

Please email us to discuss your requirements and budgets and what you might require.

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