Politics for the people by the people: the time has come for some moral fibre

Lord Adonis’s very brave and full letter and explains to us what is happening at the heart of government and the economy.

No way can we reduce our carbon committment without sorting out the mess on the railways and public transport, the pandering across the economy to vested interests and hugely priviledged individuals, who are already extremely well off, rather than providing public services and the mechanics of how this is happening again and again are illustrated in a very practical way here.
It is time the government was for the people, and that inequality and poverty are dealt with.
This is a government with little pity, little time for the results of its policies, more and more people living on the streets.
Redeveloping the Uk into a state of polarised Dickensian poverty at one end and some of the most massive wealth the world has actually ever seen on the other, is very ugly indeed and a receipe for all sorts of problems and strife and is utterly unsustainable.
The Tories, and on this occaission it is the Tories, have got us into an almight mess.
Labour needs to also get its act together and really look like a potential opposition representing all of society, all shades of opinion and the whole country, which at the moment it doesnt.
The world is in a more dangerous mess than at any time since the second world war. The danger signs are everywhere.
However, on the bright side, many many people are quietly working for the common good, but often completely unsupported and unfunded as it does line anyone’s pocket and does not pander to extreme selfishness or self interest. This is a very very poor state of affairs.
There needs to be some serious soul searching in government and public life at all levels, where frankly greed,position jostling and selfishness seems to have completely taken over.
Please wake up and examine your conscience. If you are reading this and it applies to you, please do something about it – its never ever too late.
Lets get some moral fibre back into public life and decision making