The Green Economics Institute Trust exists to educate the Public about Social and Environmental justice and Economics


In particular it has worked hard for many years to spread the word about The Greening of Economics and broadening its scope so its less damaging and more beneficial to nature, other species the planet and its systems as well as all people everywhere no matter what their background or social standing.

During this time, over the last 15 years of the Institute and 10 of the trust itself, it has been part of a major movement for change and has led with the development of a new academic discipline called Green Economics which it has spread to all parts of the globe and nearly every government has a department trying to implement its ideas.


We run courses and have an academic journal and 100 books and publications all laying out the basics and the implications of this major change.  We have even won the Honour Award for Green Business from the Government of Luxembourg. We have given advise in the Bank of England, courses in the Cabinet Office and Training in Venice International University and training in the Treasury as well as lectures all over the world.


If you would like to get involved and be part of one of the largest global movements of our time, please join us, volunteer with us and help us change the world for the better. email us at or  visit our website and join us today