Our Mission Statement

The Green Economics Institute Mission Statement


The Green Economics Institute Trust exists for the education of the public in Social & Environmental Justice, Reform of Economics and Green Economics.


How it achieves its mission

It does its work by means of Publications, Exhibition Stands and Conferences as well as ensuring, facilitating and enabling education, courses and qualifications.

In order to create innovative solutions it provides a space for debates, seminars, discussions, conferences and  policy development within its global network.  It also has a unique network of members.

Its mission is:

  • To create a world of social and environmental justice by means of its educational platform.
  • To use its writing and publications ( books, academic journal, magazines, policy papers) to try to prevent further runaway climate change and prevent poverty and species extinction
  • To provide education of the public by means of debate, discussion and seminars
  • To provide literature and information for the public by means of its Exhibition Stands.