100 Years of Women’s Rights


The Green Economics Institute has been campaigning for women’s equality rights and pay for many years indeed.

Its book Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty has been used in governments all over the world including

The United Nations, Gambia, Sweden and the House of Commons in the United Kingdom.

We have won global  awards for our work on women.


On this auspicious anniversary we must reflect that we have come a long way. In major countries in Europe women only just got the vote in recent times, and in some countries they dont have it yet. Unfortunately in the United States the anniversary was marked by the golden gag rule coming in which reverses health gains for women and un does 50 years of progress.

We at the green economics institute have even stated in the New Scientists that saving the climate may even mean giving women their fair rights. The effect on the birth rate of womens education is significant. Empowering women is the single most important thing in saving the planet and the human species.

We salute all those who have worked so hard and in many cases risked their lives to enhance womens lives. It is significant that rape is now widely recognised as a weapon of war, and that womens bodies are often used as chattels and posssesions and baby makers against their wishes.  Many victims of terrror or war remark on how this axis is the main rationale for the terrible experiences they have had.

We must keep working to try and expose this awful situation which has occured for at least the last 10,000 years since the advent of farming and economics surplus. There is evidence that women were leaders before. In the Bonobo community power and rank comes from the females.  It doesnt have to be like this. We need urgently to reestablish a better way to ensure that the human species survives and does not wreck the planet for all the other species.

Enjoy the anniversary- take comfort in what we have achieved so far and what we are going to achieve and then go out and campaign. If you’d like to support us, join our Green Economics Institute today. www.GEIMembership.org