COP UNFCC Conferences Preparing for COP24 Katowice Poland

COP UNFCC Conferences Preparing for COP24 Katowice Poland


We are delighted to announce that once again the Green Economics Institute and its Charitable Trust will be sending a large delegation to the COP 24 United Nations Climate Conference in December 2018.

We will be providing the following:

1 COP Preparation conference at Oxford University on the 10th June 2018

2 A large delegation to the COP Conference in Poland to help move the ‘Ambition’ part of the treaty forward and accelerate climate action

3 with partners once again run an exhibition stand- at COP23 we had one of the largest and liveliest of them all !


4. With partners once again run an official united nations side event concerning the science, carbon budgets and Ambition of the COP

5 Run an official United Nations Climate Partner event at the local university in Katowice, Poland

6 With the Green European Foundation and The Green Institute Poland as partners run a one day event in a converted coal mine in Katowice Poland as part of COP24.



7 Produce a magazine with the Climate updates  in it reporting from the COP.

8 Advise negotiators on the latest possiblities and stretch targets and methodology for saving the climate.

9 Add to our special collection of climate change books written by specialists and with our global network of voices.


If you would like to participate in supporting, attending, participating or funding any of the above please email us today and visit our special website