Our Aims


The Green Economics Institute’s  aims


a) To create a world of social and environmental justice

b) To Reform Economics both from inside and outside

c)To create a new discipline termed Green Economics which is featured by social and environmental economics and an economy which is suitable for 21st century problems and long issues.


The Green Economics Institute Trust’s  aims

To educate the public in its widest sense in:

a) Social and environmental justice

b) The Reform Economics both from inside and outside

c) The creation of a new discipline termed Green Economics which is featured by social and environmental economics and an economy which is suitable for 21st century problems and long issues.

d) Our registered charity, uses events, exhibition stands, speeches, supporting relevant books, publications, magazines and academic journals, bloggs, and research to support its education for this purpose.

e) the Trust supports this work by means of activities on a range of topics, determined each half year by the trustees.

These currently include, Mental health and the psychology of change, food and farming, economics reform, finance reform and education, green economics, migration narrative reform, gender, climate change leadership at the highest level, preventing poverty, preventing biodiversity loss, stopping land grab, reforming the law, creating a 2 tonnes of carbon world, preventative health care, preventing runnaway climate change and many more.

More Details about our Aims of the Green Economics Institute

1. We aim to create a new discipline in economics called “Green Economics”

2. We aim to create a climate where the reform of mainstream economics seems natural and the right thing everyone wants to do

3. We aim to put social and environmental justice at the heart of economics and financial practice, policy and theory

4. We aim to create a Renaissance in Economics -unpicking economics theory and text book assumptions to enable change to happen in the real world and the real economy

5 We aim to build a global network of Change Makers who can make this happen

6 Our network is diverse, and colourful and representative of ordinary people. We believe this is the future. Our network is gender balanced and we want economics and finance to start being like this everywhere

7. We want to stop runnaway dangerous climate change and instability and to advise people to start calculating their own carbon and reducing it

8 We want to stop the current 6 th ever mass extinction of species and halt biodiversity loss, we need other species and we dont want to be alone on this planet. We know the economy wont work without other species. We want to educate people about this

9 Our network is inclusive and includes people with special needs and we value everyone- not just the greatest happiness of the greatest number- we believe everyone and everything on the planet matters.We dont scramble over the voiceless to get to power- we include everyone who wants to make a positive contribution. We want to prevent poverty- not just to offer solutions to cure it.Therefore we work on the causes of poverty and the powerful interests that create ” haves” and ” have nots ” and we try to unravell this.

10 Many of our network come from humble backgrounds and have had challenges and personal struggles in their lives of all kinds- we believe this makes them richer thinkers and we value that insight that each person brings. We aim to transform the lives of our network members and also of others with whom we come into contact.

In Reforming Economics and Finance and also to create a climate where economics and the economy create a much nicer and more inclusive world, where caring, sharing and supporting each other is the norm and accepted as the way to be.

We work to create social and environmental justice together.

We are not satisfied with mitigating the effects

We exist to create a framework for a complete change in the way we do things and the rationale and philosophy and structure of the economy. We are credited with creating the academic discipline of Green Economics and now we are busy implementing these ideas around the world and influencing the debate, policy makers, governments and the worlds shapers and movers.

Our Trust exists to provide education in this field.

We work through our partner  international Institute, the Green Economics Institute, which is   a  registered Book Publisher and we have founded our unique academic Journal The International Journal of Green Economics, now in its 12th year.

We  also have an Educational Institute and College and a leading international network of Innovators in all aspects of Green issues, the GEIAcademy. We are a great place to study and we publish a new kind of open source book with lots of voices from all around the world. We are involved in all aspects of change from Research right through to implementing practical and applied change.

We also have speakers, lecturers and tutors available and we provide training courses and education in settings all around the world. We run regular and frequent conferences all around the world and often hold them at Oxford University.


Our Aims

Our aim is to reclaim economics, for all people everywhere, especially women and minorities, nature, other species, the planet and its systems, all underpinned by developing the complex mesh social and environmental justice together. It is to invent and to promote green economics as a new discipline and discourse.

It is to promote the ideas of social and environmental justice as being two halves of the same idea- you cant have one without the other. It is intensely practical. Phase one was about spreading the idea around the planet which has largely been achieved, phase two is about implementation, including such ideas as democracy, innovation, green procurement, green IT, changes to transport, changes to distribution, changes to the entire way we do things

Changes to green solutions so they are completely inclusive of everyone and everything on the planet. Its about recognising that we are all connected and that we need each other and we need other species and we need the planets systems which we are all part of. In this recession and downturn its about understanding how to work together for a bright, healthy progressive and positive future for our species which lasts and which is fun and exciting and which works to help everyone especially those who don’t have a voice on the planet. Its about managing our own impacts, our own economics needs and our own responsibilities.

Everyone and everything on the planet has needs, responsibilities and impacts. We need to ensure they can all happen together to benefit each other, not just using the economy and others as throw away imputs to a faceless uncaring economy but as a positive global force for changing the way we do things – for the better for every person, every species, every system on the planet.! The major stumbling block to this in the 20th century was the rise of the changed idea of economics- as a faceless exclusive alienating tool

The idea of the 21st century is a complete about turn – so that the economy and economics enhances all our lives and our existence on the planet as a force for good, even a high tech and accessible future for everyone and with everyone involved. We do this using progressive and beneficial economics. We named this -green economics. The economics of equality, equity and sharing ! We have spread this idea right round the globe and we are now consolidating it and implelementing it. Join us today and enjoy being part of the fastest growing movement around the planet! For a really exciting and visionary future!