Our Clients

Our Clients


National School of Government, UK
The British Council, Youth in Action Programme
Birmingham City University
The Tyrolean Government, Bolzano University Italy
European Summer University, Frankfurt/Oder, Germany
European Young Greens, Regional Environment Centre Hungary
Venice International University, The Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University. Pangbourne Sustainability, (PAWS)
Hafei University, China, Guandong University
National Audit Office, Little Green Gathering
WWF International, Greenpeace
GCHQ UK Government, National Lottery Board
The Ministry of Justice, Association of Heterodox Economists
Higher Educational Academy, Economics Network
Italian Radio and TV, Spanish Radio, BBC
Alicante University, Institute of Fiscal Studies
Royal Economics Society, University of Leuwen
Mansfield College, Oxford University
Oxford University Club, European Senior Greens
Anglia Ruskin College University, Cambridge
Balkan Government officials, Budva, Montenegro
FYRO Macedonia American University, Skopja
Slubice University, Poland, Pletschenkop University, South Africa
Turkey: Ankara and Istanbul Universities
Dutch Government, Italian Ministry of Tourism
Department of Transport, UK, WCBSD
Estonian MPs, Erasmus EU Programmes
Bath University, Chevening Scholarships
National Oceanographic Centre,Southampton University
Oxford University, Geography Department
Oxford University European Studies
Oxford University PPE, National Maritime Archaeology Centre
Ecological Building Society, Yorkshire Regional Development RDA

UK Treasury, Publishers Inderscience, Routledge, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Gower, Ashgate, Wileys, Sense Publishers


We have been training the National Government School, teaching climate change economics and giving a public lecture at Schumacher College, and attending the Royal Economics Society annual conference, we were selected to join the IPCC climate change scientists panel and also attended the conference of European Greens in Barcelona which we attended traveling on the overnight train. We are also writing various papers and books including for the Italian government and the Cambridge Journal of Economics. We have sent two issues of our academic journal to press for this year and are currently compiling two more. Recent country consultancy and lecturing has been in the UK, France, Spain, Poland, Germany and Montenegro, and Ireland as well as being invited to lecture all round the world in official events, deleguations and universities in countries spread from Abu Dhabi,Turkey, Dubai to China and Brazil and the Russian Federation. We worked in Ankara Turkey and Skopje Macedonia, as well as the UK and some via webcam and web seminar and video.

The Italian Government, The British Council, the National Government School, The Indonesian Embassy and the Indonesian Ambassador, The European Greens in the European Parliament, the Hungarian Government, the UK Cabinet Office, the UK Treasury, the Schumacher College UK, the Richmond American University in the UK and the American University in Macedonia, The Irish Government, the Spanish greens, , the Young Greens, Yorkshire Forward, The Department of Transport in the UK, Chelsea Art College, the University of Bath, the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, the UK Quakers,The Government of the Netherlands, Eurac Research Centre Bolzano Italy, the International Labour Organisation, The Green Jobs Programme and many others, the National Government School, Venice International University, REC Hungary.International University, Slubice Poland and Frankfurt am Oder University Germany, The Heinrich Boell Foundation in Brussels, The National Audit Office,Rethinking Economics at The London School of Economics.

The Malaysian Government, the UK National Government School, the Tyrol Government, Ministers in Italy, The Encyclopedia Britanica in Italy, ll Libro Del’ Annio Green European Foundation, the Young Greens, Thessaloniki. The International Labour Organisation, the Universities in Lancaster, Cambridge, the Oxford Union,The University of Ankara, the University of Istanbul, the European Greens, the European Green Summer University, Poland and Germany, Coutts Bank,Tekna Norway, the European Commission and the British Council, the Indonesian Embassy and Educational Attache,and many, many more.