Entities of The Green Economics Institute

The Structure of our Institute

The Green Economics Institute Trust, A Registered Charity.

Email: info@greeneconomicsinstitutetrust.org

Website: www.greeneconomicsinstitutetrust.org



The Green Economics Institute (A Not- for -Profit Company Limited by Guarantee)

Email: greeneconomicsinstitute@yahoo.com

and info@greeneconomicsinstitute.org.uk


Website: www.greeneconomicsinstitute.org.uk -(  development work going on)

Membership of The Green Economics Institute Trust and Professional International Network

website: www.GEImembership.org

Emails: greeneconomicsinstitute@yahoo.com and


GEIClimate and 2 Tonnes of Carbon Ltd

website: www.geiclimate.org

email: greeneconomicsinstitute@yahoo.com

and info@geiclimate.org


Green Economics Limited

Email: greeneconomicsinstitute@yahoo.com

Green Economics Institute Publishing House and Bookshop

Email: info@geibooks.org.uk

Website: www.GEIBooks.org.uk


Green Economics Education

Email: info@geiacademy.org

Website:  www.GEIacademy.org


Green Economics Events and Conferences

Email: info@geiconferences.org


The Green Economist Magazine

Email: info@geiboooks.org.uk


The Green Trustee Magazine

Email: info@greeneconomicsinstitutetrust.org

website: www.greeneconomicsinstitutetrust.org


The Green Economist Members’ Magazine

Email: info@geibooks.org.uk

The International Journal of Green Economics Academic Journal

Email: greeneconomicsinstitute@yahoo.com

and info@geibooks.org.uk

Social Media

Also we have social media of all kinds – please visit our facebook, twitter @greeneconomists, linkedin, academia, pinterest, researchgate, instagram, etc etc