Welcome to the Global Network of  The Green Economics Institute Trust


The Green Economics Institute Trust, is a charity registered with the Charities Commission of England and Wales and  works to provide education of the general public in order to develop a world of social and environmental justice and to enable Economics to be more inclusive and more benevolent for all people everywhere, nature, other species, the planet and its systems. We aim to develop economics from todays destructive discipline into something more productive which can foster social and environmental justice rather than fight against them.

We are not funded by any major body or any group of people and all our funding comes from small donations from individuals, memberships, professional acreditations and from our related supporters’ activities selling books, conference places or advising governments.

The Green Economics Institute Trust works with the Green Economics Institute group of organisations which are all designed to change the global narratives of the economy and survivability and sharing the world with each other, all the peoples of the world, all the other species, the planet and its systems more beneficially.

We work to unravel  the philosophy and background to todays destructive economics and to change prevailing ideas with  our wonderful global network of innovators and change makers and we have   already influenced world debates and policies in this direction.

This includes active work to prevent runaway climate change and we have a delegation to the UNFCC COP Climate Conferences including COP24 in Katewice in Poland in December 2018, as well as having been really active in the dialogue in COP21 Paris and COP23 in Bonn 2017 and we are currently preparing for our delegation to COP25 in Chile in November 2019.

We have worked tirelessly to get the world to understand the role of post ww 2 economics in todays difficulties and mess and to reconsider where our economy and public life is taking us and to plot a different more inclusive and constructive path. We pointed out the importance of Green Economics, the importance of getting a move on with climate change, the 2 tonnes of carbon by 2022 idea and the importance of understanding womens unequal pay and poverty.

We also work on changing the narrative of migration to understand that all humans everywhere today are a product of migration or migrations and this looks like it will be a feature of humanity for ever and cant be changed. Todays mass migration needs to be understood as the result of destructive economics policies and also runnaway climate change. The root to more comfort in this respect is dealing with the economy and with climate change.

We advise governments all around the world and many implement our policies explictly or implictly. We have governments, Ministers, Prime Ministers and professors, Nobel Prize winners in our network as well as ordinary people, activists, campaigners, writers, students, young, old and middle aged, people with dissabilities, special needs, all sorts of genders, and from all backgrounds. Most of our people have multiple careers, and have lived or worked in different countries or migrated or have had an experience which has jogged them out of the usual business as usual in the box thinking enabling them to see a wider picture.

We also work for the benefit of other species, the planet and also raise awareness of longer term thinking in economics, policy making and project impacts.
Our Charitable Trust, founded in 2007, supports this work by educating the public about our ideas.
We believe everyone counts and everyone matters, and our team is both inclusive and colourful. We walk the talk and practise what we advocate.
We are an international network of 20,000 people and are always pleased to welcome new innovators, change makers and visionary thinkers at all levels.

Come and join us today, become a member or support our work with time or contributions of any kind. Everyone is very welcome and you will find you are amongst friends and like minded people, having fun and changing the world together.

Nothing beats the feeling of changing the world for the best.

Its really inspiring and relaxing and gives you a feel good factor like nothing else can do! Join us today


Welcome from the Green Economics Institute Team and Trustees.


February 2019 Reading, UK.