Policy Making




Our particular campaigns include: gender equality, stopping and reversing rapid and hostile climate change, reforming economics into a goals based discipline, reforming our ideas about philosophy, stopping biodiversity loss, stopping geo physical changes brought on by humans of the anthropocene, helping humans plan an economy that works within the comfortable bounds of nature and the planet allowing both to flourish, working to ensure green jobs and green careers are available to young people- and helping prevent youth unemployment, helping to ensure ordinary people have banks that help them and not speculation which robs them.

Changing energy use to renewables often small scale and locally generated and changing transport from private car use to encouraging investment by governments into safe accessible viable and attractive public transport for the 21st century and the second millenium. Helping to ensure Europe and other trading blocks help the people in them rather than existing to promote large multinationals, helping to ensure tax burdens are bourne by those most priviledged who can afford them.

Helping to create and ensure democracy in many countries where corruption is more prevalent than fairness and equality and rights to vote. Helping to prevent outsourcing of environmental and social and economic benefits.Helping to ensure the European area starts to manufacture and reverse -“the fall of the Roman Empire” and bring the Real Economy back to strength and vigour.

Helping to reinvigorate eduction and science for all people in the European space and helping women and older people and younger people participate as they want to make their own contributions.

Advising governments and international institutions about what greening the economy and growth and flourishing really mean.Helping to eliminate and above all prevent poverty- by controlling those forces that dont care about the outcome of their particular economics ideology. Creating a more efficient earth,nature and people friendly for the 21st century.

Our current campaigns include Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty- how to prevent it- we are very active in this and have won awards

We are working to implement a green economy in Africa- our book Green Economics Voices of Africa is always available

We are working on the Eurozone crisis and its implications: we shortly have briefings and books coming out about that

We are working on the Green Built Environment – ensuring the green economy is part of the physical fabric of our lives and we have a book out about that- The Green Built Environment

We work on preventing dangerous and inhospitable climate conditions and reversing climate change -and we have a book out about that Green Economics and Climate Change

We also look at the way equality can be implemented and work on a citizens income with Clive Lord and our book Green Economics and a Citizens Income is out now

We do this by producing policy, advising on policy, running campaigns, writing and compiling our 4 book series- Reader Books, Handbooks, Philosophy of the 20th and 21st Century books, and Green Economics and Sustainability Book Series and also our academic journal International Journal of Green Economics, and our Members global networking magazine The Green Economist and occassional papers and Green Economics Briefing Papers.

We also run our own courses for older people, younger people, people all over the world and in all countries, and bring together visionary and innovate change makers: people from all over the world and all over Europe, to plan and innovate, changing the worlds economies as we do it!

We also run such courses for governments in the past Italian government,Nigerian governments, Dutch governments, UK governments, Balkan governments and many others all over the world.

We speak in various parliaments and governments around the world to create an atmosphere and incubating change and work with young revolutionaries in the rapidly changing geo political environment in the Middle East offering them hope and vision for changing their society.

We provide support for minority campaigns.

We are working on the green economy-Features, theory, practise, methodology and implementation to ensure its a version that allows for flourishing, equality and fairness and is above all inclusive and we have the Green Economics Reader, The Handbook of Green Economics, and Green Economics Methodology Books coming out about those.

Above all we advise governments how they can change and implement the green economy and we advise students and academics at all levels how to do this -and what a green economy actually is: we have a Masters course and short introductory courses for that.Please email to enquire for details.We also give lectures, speeches and training, all over the worl in Universities and Governments from China to South America and Africa- please email to request a world class trainer, teacher, lecturer, speaker, Professor, policy maker or campaigner.If you wouldlike our help to make change wherever you are: email us at greeneconomicsinstitute@yahoo.com and discuss your requirement with our CEO Miriam Kennet who just won an award for creating global inclusion in the world economy!