How to support our Charity

How to Support our Charity and Change the World for the Better  –  Supporting our Charity


Our mission is to change economics and finance -to benefit all people everywhere, and for nature, other species, the planet and its systems- not just as throw away inputs. We aim to spread the ideas of Green Economics and to try to reverse runaway climate change, to halt the current mass extinction of species and to reform  economics and global finance and make them suitable for the 21st century benefitting all people everywhere, especially women, and also for nature, other species, the planet and its systems.

We work to provide policy change and education to governments and shakers and movers and to create a different climate where change is possible.

We think economics should serve peoples’ needs not dictate what people can and can’t do.

We are a global network of innovators changing the face and scope of economics so that we create an economics for caring,sharing and supporting each other. We work in 48 countries and we publish voices from around the world.
Our books support ( which are unique and open source) this work -with up to 40 people writing in each one,coming together and sharing different ideas.

We run conferences – on women’s unequal pay and poverty, water, biodiversity, climate change, economics, philosophy and methodology, alternative and renewable energy, slow travel and above all survivability for everyone and everything on the planet.
Our work is to create a long term and lasting change of culture and the way we all meet our economic needs.


With your help, the Green Economics Institute is reforming economics, transforming society and influencing environmental policies and decision-making at every level. We are educating young people  and providing valuable work experience  and our world-class research is revolutionizing the debate!
But we need your support to keep it up! Because we’ve been going for 10 extraordinary years, and we have achieved so much and we value your help to KEEP reforming economics: “provisioning for all people everywhere, other species, nature, the planet and its systems!”


We need people to help us continue to make the kinds of changes we have already made to the worlds economy and expectations of economics and what it can provide. You can either do this by volunteering with us or you can help us by making a one off donation or becoming a member or making a standing order or regular donation to our Trust. This can be done at Supporting our Charity Donations


Registered with the Charity Commission in the UK, we have an active board of Trustees who ensure that we are entirely compliant. We are registered for Gift Aid, which allows us to maximise, where possible, all donations made to us.

We are a small charity and rely totally on donations; all of the team, and the hundreds of you who help in many ways, are volunteers. We are a global community trying to improve the world and lives of all of us, be it by education in all its forms, high level discussions and participation or literature, we are addressing aspects which affect not only you, but those who come after us.


We always welcome input and would be delighted if you can help in any way, whether contributing your writing, sharing your knowledge, donating your time or considering making a donation.

Your help will help us make changes to your world.