Green Economics and Well Being Seminar and Retreat- Bannish the Winter Blues

Green Economics Institute 5th Ever Green Economics and Well Being Retreat
Monday January 22nd   and Tuesday January 23rd 2018Bannish the winter blues!

Celebrate the countryside together with supportive like minded people!

Members Assembly and Planning Meeting for 2018

On a lovely farm in rural Somerset

A green award winning education centre

2 days to relax and enjoy the winter beauty of the surroundings and prepare for the year ahead

Monday January 22nd   and Tuesday January 23rd 2018

Members Assembly and Planning Meeting for 2018

5th Ever Green Economics Well Being  Seminar and Retreat

Earth Spirit Education Centre, Lockyers Farm, Glastonbury, Somerset, United Kingdom


Come and luxuriate in the award winning lovely green education centre surroundings, practical skills, walks, farms, hot tubs, solar wind, orchards, archaeology, Glastonbury, innovations and lots lots more besides.

Planning for our activities in 2018, planning for reforming social and environmental justice

Sharing with like minded people, lovely organic and local food, outings, the oldest road in the UK

Historic settings, lovely area. This is one of our most popular events.

We will include writers workshops

We will include our famous debrief sessions from COP23 and possibly the other COP climate change conferences

We will include planning for our special conference in June on reforming economics

We will include discussions on health and well being as a major feature of the event- and also on mental health and psychology and psychiatry and how we need them more than ever in this new world of climate change and mass migration –how do we deal positively with all the new challenges and help others too to adapt successfully.

We will consider non human species and our affect on them and how to make their lives better and stopping the 6th ever mass extinction of species

We will consider the Basic Income

We will consider what is means to be Green

We will consider the meaning of social and environmental justice

We will consider democracy and how it will be working

We will include lessons and skills on recycling and practical renewables training

We will try to understand our role in the landscape and how we are really children of the earth and wont get very far without it- how do we make a new  more positive and beneficial relationship with the earth

To book please email your interest in the first instance

We arrive on Sunday night and leave again refreshed and happy and ready for the year ahead on Tuesday evening.

For bookings and to register your interest please email today

If you would like to offer to run a session, provide massage, or healing activities, music, art, dance, drama, any kind of activity please state that in the email –we like everyone to take part in some way- depending on their range. In the past this event has attracted dancers, artists, MPs from as far away as Nigeria and Estonia and many others!

We will be posting the activities shortly. They will be in line with what we have done in our previous 4 events held in the past at this lovely venue.

Email to register your interest:

We will be putting tickets on Eventbrite.

Early bird tickets are £100.00 per person, plus food and accommodation.

Participants must be paid up members of The Green Economics Institute or be a registered Trustee, accommodation is available to suit all pockets, from tents, caravans, yurhts, en suite bathrooms dormitories- whatever your style there is something suitable for your taste and your pocket. This centre has it all. (You are welcome to join The Green Economics  with your booking, subject to the usual applications Terms and Conditions.)


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