COP23 Climate Change Conference Delegation Invitation

COP23 Climate Change Conference Delegation

We are delighted to announce that we have had the most amazing response to our delegation invitation and we have registered at least 80 delegates  to the United Nations Conference in Bonn in November 2017! We are very pleased and now we need to ensure that we do indeed get a slot for the

Official Side Events and also an exhibition stand in the official part of the conference. In order to do that we need your help- we have to partner with 4 more organisations mainly  in the global south but

we have less than a day to complete this- so please help us if you can. If you dear reader -or your

organisation is booked in for COP23 please get in touch with us via email so that we can officially partner and will then be likely to have a side event or an exhibition stand. We believe this is vital so that our findings from our research can be shared with delegates from around the world.

Here is our photo album of our activities from the recent COPclimate conferences.




In November 2017, the United Nations COP23 Climate Change Conference will take place Chaired by Fiji, a small island state, and hosted by Bonn, Germany which is the United Nations, UNFCC Headquarters. The conference will seek to accelerate climate change responses and deal with challenging geo political situations.


It follows the COP21 in Paris and COP22 in Morocco

.COP21 Green Economics Institute climate photos

The Green Economics Institute had a lively presence at both of these conferences and is planning to send its biggest ever delegations to the Bonn Conference.

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Currently we are preparing our United Nations COP23 Climate Change Conference Delegation and we need lots of new members to support the delegation and we are signing up more people to help with this than ever before.

We currently have 200 people wanting to support us and so please do join this lively and effective group. We helped negotiate COP21 in Paris with our special side events and our Exhibition Stand to which many influential country negotiators came just before entering the voting chamber! Ban Ki Moons own climate negotiators even came to see us to tell us we had the best solutions for solving climate change.


We have received many applications for our delegation places and will be choosing the very best combination of teams to address these urgent climate change activities.


The nominations have to be sent in by us, to the United Nations in the week of the 7th of July 2017. Therefore if you are reading this and wish to go, you must be nominated this week and we must receive all applications  by Wednesday July 5th 2017 at 12 noon.


This means in practical terms, you need to email us today or as soon as possible to provide the information we need to nominate you.

There are two steps to the process, STEP 1:  Nomination, whereby we register your application and submit it to the United Nations  STEP 2 whereby we confirm our teams which will be selected from amongst the nominated individuals.



Please therefore email us without delay,

giving us:

a) a cv

b) your covering email of motivation and what you can offer our team, we need a mixture of climate science, policy makers, practical people who can get us there, health and safety, fund raisers, campaigners etc etc., and good organisers. People to run our exhibition stand and people to run our side events.

c) Send it all in one email to with the following ESSENTIAL INFORMATION

Your name

Email address

Passport issuing authority and country

Passport number

Date of birth


Place of birth




Photo: Our side event at COP21 Paris leading the science offering of Oxford University and several other institutions and trade ministries.


Please now cut and paste in with the above information in one all inclusive email to  include the  following Declaration:

I declare the information is correct to the best of my knowledge.I agree to the Green Economics Institute holding the above information for the purposes of my nomination to the COP and it being passed on to the United Nations. I understand that this nomination does not guaranteee that I will be selected as this will depend on the final quota offered by the United Nations to the Green Economics Institute. However this nomination is a prerequisite for me being able to be selected for the participating teams. I understand that the decision of the trustees in the selection of the most appropriate safest, most cohesive, influential and diverse team  is final.  I  believe I am available to travel to the COP in November 2017. I understand that I must fund my own travel and accomodation costs and that this is a voluntary activity and will be undertaken without remuneration and entirely at my own cost. I will not bring the Green Economics Institute into disrepute and will endeavour to represent it well at all times. I agree to write a written report about the COP afterwards and to blogg or email from there to keep the Institute and its readers updated during the COP Conference. I agree to become a fully paid up member of The Green Economics Institute Trust as a condition of being nominated. I agree to all health and safety instructions and to put Health  and Safety Considerations for myself and the rest of the team above all other considerations. I undertake to  work as a team with other Green Economics Institute Team Members and look after the rest of the team equally as I expect them to look after me. Put your full name and the Date Here

Please include the declaration in your email.

e) Please advise us if you have been to any similar large international conferences before.


Now send the nomination information and the declaration with your cv and covering email to