COP 24 GEI’s Official United Nations Delegation December 2018

COP24 Climate Change Conference Delegation

We are delighted to announce that we have had the most amazing response to our delegation invitation and we have registered 80 delegates last year and 200 have applied this year to join our delegation to  the United Nations Conference in Katowice Poland in December 2018! We are very pleased and we will once again have a large official delegation and  an Exhibition Stand at the Conference.

In order to do that we need your help.If you would like to support us our participate please email us today at or visit the website

We believe this work  is vital so that our findings from our research can be shared with delegates from around the world.

Here is our photo album of our activities from the recent COP climate conferences.




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If you wish to be nominated to join our delegation we will require you to undertake our Terms and Conditions and Make a Declaration to say you will uphold them.

Some of this is given here:

Please now cut and paste in with the above information in one all inclusive email to  include the  following Declaration:

I declare the information is correct to the best of my knowledge.

I agree to the Green Economics Institute holding the above information for the purposes of my nomination to the COP and it being passed on to the United Nations.

I understand that this nomination does not guarantee that I will be selected as this will depend on the final quota offered by the United Nations to the Green Economics Institute.

However this nomination is a prerequisite for me being able to be selected for the participating teams. I understand that the decision of the trustees in the selection of the most appropriate safest, most cohesive, influential and diverse team  is final.

I  believe I am available to travel to the COP in December 2018. I understand that I must fund my own travel and accommodation costs and that this is a voluntary activity and will be undertaken without remuneration and entirely at my own cost.

I will not bring the Green Economics Institute into disrepute and will endeavour to represent it well at all times. I agree to write a written report about the COP afterwards and to blogg or email from there to keep the Institute and its readers updated during the COP Conference.

I agree to become a fully paid up member of The Green Economics Institute Trust as a condition of being nominated. I agree to all health and safety instructions and to put Health  and Safety Considerations for myself and the rest of the team above all other considerations.

I undertake to  work as a team with other Green Economics Institute Team Members and look after the rest of the team equally as I expect them to look after me. Put your full name and the Date Here

Please include the declaration in your email.

e) Please advise us if you have been to any similar large international conferences before.


Now send the nomination information and the declaration with your cv and covering email to