Conference Announcement COP23 15th November 2017 Bonn, Germany

Conference Announcement COP23 University Club Bonn, 10.30-17.00, 15th November 2017 Bonn, Germany ( opposite Bonn Station)


One day climate conference with superb list of speakers including 3 Nobel Prize winners and CEOs of investement houses.

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Green Economics Institute Conference: COP23 United Nations UNFCC.

The Global Carbon Budget, and Global Investment, moving towards a world of 2 tonnes of carbon per person using economics and investment instruments andthe latest climate science to create new practical innovations which will really make a difference. Reforming Economics, Investment and Finance.  Top speakers and influencers share with us how we can all work together to make a difference.





Expert and learned speakers:

Professor Graciela Chichilnisky (USA and Argentina)  Global Thermostat, IPCC Nobel Report leader, creator of Carbon Market of Kyoto

Professor Rae Kwon Chung Nobel Prize Winner, Principal Advisor on Climate Change, United Nations Secretary General.Thailand. (Invited speaker)

Graham Kennedy MP New Zealand (Invited speaker)

Dr Xolisa Ngwadla (South Africa) Council of Scientific and Industrial Research on operationalising equity in the global climate, Southern Africa Lead on IPCC Lead climate change negotiator for the Africa Group of Nations at Paris COP21 . (Invited speaker)

Miriam Kennet (UK) Director, Editor Academic Journal, International Journal of Green Economics  and Delegation COP23 leader

Prof. Corinne Le Quere,FRS. University of East Anglia; Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.Instigator and leader of the Global Carbon Budget. IPCC Nobel Author 2007

Professor Maria Madi (Brazil) Finance Professor and Author, Campinas University

Agneta Granstroem (Sami Indigenous People Swedish artic Circle) MP and specialist in green transitions and health implications and survivability in extreme climate change scenarios

Professor Natalie West (India) Shillong University, Green and Ecological  Investment structural development.

Dr Karen Windham Lord (Brazil and UK ) Environmental Lawyer and engineering and technical solutions to climate change 

Susan Shipley (UK) Leading green advisor and specialist in green culture and indigenous peoples

Michelle Gale (USA and Brazil) Director of NGO UMMA and founder Gender Progress NGO.

Koryo Suzuki (Japan) Economist and specialist in organic farming and the green revolution


Professor Peter Yang (USA and China)Case University,  specialist in renewables, transition and the economy

Dr Paul Ellis  (UK)  CEO Ecological Building Society Financial and investment structures and instruments

Triodos Bank (UK and the Netherlands) Ethical Bank, Speaker name to be confirmed

Anjikwi Memshallbwana (Nigeria) ActionAid  specialist in knowledge transfer to developing countries

Dr Myles Allen (UK) Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University. IPCC author and Head of  Head of the Climate Dynamics Group and

Oliver Tickell (UK) Editor of The Ecologist on Line,  Author Kyoto discusses technical innovations feasibility

Michael Shipley (UK) Biologist and leading Green strategic advisor figure

( Due to the challenge of a COP climate conference, we reserve the right to alter the line up, due to any unforeseen circumstances but the above is given as an indication of what is currently being prepared and most likely).