CO23 Official side event November 2017 in Bonn Zone Pavillion

The Green Economics Institute is very proud to announce
Official Side Event at COP23 United Nations Climate Conference

Bonn, Germany, Climate Change Pavillion Bonn Centre,  Hosted by Fiji  Wednesday 15th November 2017 afternoon

Part of the United Nations Programme of Enhancing Ambition


The Green Economics Institute is delighted to announce that it has won against stiff competition, its official side event at the Cop 23 Climate Conference

Innovations in Green Investment and Economic Structures for 2 tonnes of carbon per capita by 2022

This side event forms part of the group exploring

Enhancing ambition

Cooperative approaches/market&nonmarket instrument



Possibilities & challenges of rapidly halving the Global Carbon Budget. New investment ideas, structures & models with top climate scientists,policy makers, Green Economists,bankers, traders, creating fossil free supergrids & diverse,equitable,green dynamic beneficial economic & energy transitions.




We explore the possibility & challenges of rapidly halving the Global Carbon Budget. Introducing new investment ideas,structures & models with top climate scientists,policy makers, green economists,bankers & city traders,we can create a fossil free,diverse,equitable,green dynamic beneficial economy


Invited Speakers: Prof. Corinne LeQuere, Carbon Budgets, University of East Anglia; Prof. Graciela Chichilnisky, Carbon Markets, Argentina, University of Columbia; Agneta Granstroem MP, Indigenous Sami; Prof Yang, CaseUniversity USA & China; Anjikwi Memshbwalla, Actionaid, Nigeria;  plus our partner  organisations speakers whose line up will be announced later this week.


Our co applicant partners are:

Lead applicant: Green Economics Institute (GEI), by Ms. Miriam Kennet.

Co-applicant: Coalition for Our Common Future (COCF), by Ms. Sung-Yeon Kweon.

Co-applicant: Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia (ERINA), by Ms. Enkhbayar Shagdar.

Co-applicant: Seoul International Law Academy (SILA), by Mr. Suh-Yong Chung.

Co-applicant: Water Safety Initiative Foundation (WASIF), by Mr. Unyime Robinson.


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