19/11/2018 Pre COP24 1 Day Conference London

Green Economics Institute’s Official United Nations  COP24

Special 1 Day Conference on Monday 19th November 2018 planning Symposium

Monday 19th November 2018  11.00-16.00 in Europe House,  London Admission by ticket only


All welcome, admission is by ticket, come and find out what we achieved at COP23 and what we are planning for COP24 and how we are imputing to the COP climate process.

Pictured above are the big players in the development of a Pan Asian Renewables Super Grid representing the Mongolian, Korean, Russian, Japanese and other governments. The Green Economics Institute hosted an event at Bonn COP23 where it became apparent that the world is moving fast towards a world of supergrids of renewables and any country not participating risks being left behind in the 21st and 22nd centuries. You can see detailed interviews from that event on our vimeo site which explains some of the thinking and can be found on our special climate  change site.

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