12th Annual Green Economics Conference Oxford University 10th 11th 12th June 2017

The Green Economics Institute,Green Economics Conference

Announcement and Call for Papers

12th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference at St Hugh’s College,  University of Oxford

3 full Days: June  10 11 12 th 2017


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Some Themes for the conference

The Post factual, post truth and the Post Logic Age

The search for Culture, Identity  and Philosophy and the impact on the world’s Economy and economies

The lost counter cultures of disagreement

The loss of the centre left and its impact and the vacuum it has created

The weakening of the centre right and its impact

Migration, populism and refugees

The economics of the space age of the Anthropocene

Green and Environmental and Ecological  Economics structures, rare earth metals, Green Economic Plans and Investment, especially in the East. Excellence in the Green Economy as leadership.

Women’s unequal pay and the current threats to their status

The new demography. Ageing, pensions, the balance and structure of the economy

The labour market, uberisation, lack of stability or support, insecure work and contracts.

IT, leaks, democracy, information, algorythms, fact, representation, celebrity influence, the role of the media, electoral polling, hacking,  the ownership of the word. Facebook, twitter etc, where next?

Climate change and migration

The COP Climate Conferences

Climate science  and the current situation

Drought, climate instability, flooding, pollution – the future has arrived and it’s unstable and ugly. What do we do?

Debrief of COP and the climate treaties

The change to the world order and its economy

The most unequal world ever- how that is impacting identity, envy, greed, economics

The economics of distribution

Our impact on nature and other species- half of which are expected to be wiped out

Property, gold, bonds, investment instability- are we on the brink of an even worse crash?

Education and the current mess- buying everything and privatisation and globalisation.

Corruption, oligopolies, elites, inequality

Aviation, the mess of transport and under investment in sustainability

Lying to the public- misrepresentation to the public- elites, the media, the global rich.

The largest slave trade in history, people trafficking, slavery under the noses of ordinary people

Long term planning in a world where even the land, the coastline, big cities  themselves are under threat.

How do we survive the above? Can we live alone on the planet? New limits to growth.

The fall of globalisation, the fall of capitalism, the rise of the maverick.

Feature, China, Brexit, The EU and trade blocks and trade treaties, Trump, The Caribbean, Indigenous people, Africa and many other issues and areas of the world.

  1. Please note as the world is changing so fast- we fully anticipate discussing other themes, please feel free to suggest more.

Calling authors, speakers, campaigners, policy makers, academics.

We will be providing an academic volume of Proceedings Papers, Proceedings of the 12th Annual Green Economics Institute’s, Green Economics Conference to be held at St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford, June 16th 17th and 18th 2017. from speakers at the conference, and also creating several books on some of the above themes including but not restricted to: Migration and Climate Change: Climate Change Impacts Anecdotal from global voices: Green Values and Valuation: Aviation: The Post factual, Post Truth and the Post Logic Age, The search for Culture, Identity  and Philosophy:  Green Growth in the Carribean Economies and Carribean Leaders 2030: The COP Climate Process.

are happy to publish books from sole authors, and also papers as chapters in contributed volumes. We can also take papers in our academic journal. The International Journal of Green Economics.

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