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14th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference at Oxford University  July 2019



Our 14th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference to be held 12th 13th 14th 15th  July 2019  days at Oxford University, Saving Civilisation and Avoiding a Mad Max Scenario: and will this year feature the 1st 15 years of green economics and our global network and achievements but also will look at what has been achieved and how governments around the world have implemented our ideas. It will consider the global backlash and how to address that and also the next steps and what we set out to do and how to update those aspirations to achieve the goal of global sustainability and survival  as well as social and environmental justice.


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14th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference

3 Day Conference to be held at Lady Margaret Hall, University  of Oxford 12th 13th 14th 15th July  2019

 JUNE 2019



Waking up from our Anthropocene Nightmare!

Call for Papers & Conference Announcement

3 Day Conference, 12th 13th  14th 15th June 2019  to be held at

The University of Oxford

Human Survival Instinct  and Culture?

Saving civilisation, and its malcontents. Avoiding a mad max scenario. 15 years of Green Economics: Achievements, reorientation, planning, what has it achieved & how do humans ensure they last at least another century? New  cultural findings in archaeology.












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Rationale for the Conference

This conference is part of our project for 2019 looking at what we have created over the last 15 years, and how the Narrative of Green Economics and The Green Economy has been adopted throughout the world by most governments.

There are a number of challenges to this narrative, including as expected a global backlash from fossil fuel regimes and the ancient regime and people scared of the coming climate change scenarios.  However the public is now much more well informed about what is going on but the governments they are electing are deafening in their referral to it.

We consider that now that the science, the economics and the data are all available- why as a species are we paralysed and unable to respond to save ourselves-much like the pangolin and the lemming- or a species frozen in on coming headlights, we cant seem to alter our behavior appropriately.

The answer seems to lie partly in our legal system which supports the status quo.


The main part of the answer seems to lie partly in our hardwired psychology, which was created with instincts more appropriate to 10,000 or 200,000 years ago and will not save us unless we unpick our archaeology of the mind and understand our psychology. Can we unpick our human instinct in time or not? The planet will survive but we might not if we don’t get a grip.

Therefore a feature of this conference will be to examine- human instinct, culture and psychology in the light of the challenges we all face today as a species, especially as new archaeological evidence is fast emerging about the origins of our civilization and why we do things – which is different to what was previously known.

Come and participate in this post enlightenment game changing 3 day experience to be held at the University of Oxford for 3 special days in July 2019.





The Green Economics Institute

Designed to save us from our Anthropocene nightmare!


15 years of ground breaking world leading ideas, implemented around the world but with stresses and tensions as the world has woken up to the new challenges. Phase 2 is about how the world and humans meet these challenges- first new ideas are ridiculed, then denied, then challenged and then accepted as normal- where are we now on this spectrum -?

Teams do norming forming storming and performing- we are as a species currently in storming perhaps – as the perfect storm of retrograde forces and powers erupts. What comes next- we have the power to influence this and make sure we pull together and give ourselves and our grandchildren a better future- or even a future at all- we have the power to wipe it all out- do we have the intelligence to choose a creative road to follow?


Where does Green Economics and The Green Economy go from here?

How do we ensure that the narrative responds to the progressive agenda we set out in our founding article and does not get hijacked by the powers that be and elites who have a huge stake in the ancien regime? This is the largest task currently- to ensure there is a new narrative which follows on cohesively from what we set out and also ensure that the backlash is reorientated as its directionless at the moment and very destructive. We need to chart a new pathway for phase two of the Green Economics Project. Partly this is to examine the current storm in democracy where populations are electing dictators and keeping them in power because of fear of change, of migration of other. The neo liberal, neo conservative and nationalist and populist perspectives are setting themselves up as the opposition.





Unique experience of The Green Economics Institute: Where are our students now?


We will be using our unique global network to Revisit our learnings over the last 15 years, with alumni of our courses. Many are in governments and opinion leaders and writers and so we will bring them together again and invite them to advise us how they adopted and adapted the ideas of Green Economics to influence the world stage. We will explore our writing which has grown to a global publishing house with hundreds of articles, books and publications and invite authors to participate and share their own experiences from the last 15 years and their ideas for healing the future.



Our Journals and Magazine

We will be taking the opportunity to revisit our magazines, our academic journals and to partner with new teams and other journals for joint issues as well as launching more journals and teams for the future in this year of change and development for the Institute.

We have so far worked on  two series for Ashgate Academic Press and Gower Management Press as well as our own Green Economics Institute Publishing House Books and Academic Conference Proceedings. We also work with Inderscience to publish academic journals  and our iconic academic journal is called The International Journal of Green Economics published 4 times a year and remains the leading Green Academic Journal in the world

and now we will begin to collaborate with the Green European Journal in some joint issues. We work with the Green Economist Magazine Team and the Green Student Team and the Green Trustee Teams too.





The Opposition – The Axis of Evil ? or Predictable Backlash of the 20th Century Ancien Regime


The neo liberals, the neo conservatives, the populists and the nationalists are painting themselves as the opposition to the status quo. The actual status quo is a move towards global sustainability, and creating a narrative fit for the 22nd century human.  

The 20th century ancient regime is hijacking our narratives, much as large global chemical giants claimed to be ‘sustainable’ when creating Genetically Modified Foods. It aims to slow down the much needed green transition and turn the clock back to the fossil fuel age which has actually ended.

We need to reclaim our language. The Green Economy has NOTHING to do with Green Growth or neo conservatism, and everything to do with survivability, health, healing and sharing.  It is about the future and about a green transition and about human scale and animal welfare.

It is about social and environmental justice, a sharing and caring economy, and about looking after the biosphere, the cryosphere, nature other species, the planet and its systems. Make no mistake and don’t get hoodwinked by opposition narratives. It is NOT about zenophobia and it is about understanding that humans have migrated throughout their history and nothing this generation does will stop that ever. It will continue so we need to adapt and develop.





Call for Papers, Research, Speakers, Participants, Book Chapters, Themes, Workshops


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 A benevolent Economics


A more benevolent economics  is developing, with a wider scope with far more understanding of its impact- this conference is a milestone along that road.




The 6th Ever Mass Extinction of Species is underway

We have been warning about this for 15 years and its in everyone of our books.

Now the world has woken up and something must be done urgently- the problem is single issue work whilst neater and less messy and complex- does not solve the problem. We need to save ourselves and our planet and biosphere from our Anthropocene Nightmare.

We need an holistic more intricate approach to problems- for example reintroducing endangered species to wild habitats where more poachers will get them doesn’t solve the problem- reintroducing apes into a dwindling forest which is being logged very fast does not solve the problem. Cutting down the Amazon will make matters worse. Habitat cannot be saved on an ad hoc beacon species approach- the entire eco system is disappearing and this is very very dangerous and needs to stop- its humans and the economy which is doing it. Chancellors budgets around the world studiously avoid even mentjoning this- its time to wake up and smell the coffee- 7 times more costly is biodiversity l0ss than climate change- both are disasters and both can be stopped but only by concerted efforts and understanding

The human rabbit caught in the headlights-

Time to act- time to run to shelter-

Time to do something sensible-

Are we indeed

Homo sapiens sapiens or Homo idioticus ?

Gyny Long  Surviva or Gyny Dodo Temporara ?

 the choice is yours – the choice is ours.



Take your pick – come and join us during 12th 13th  14th 15th July 2019   at The University of Oxford

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