10 Research Places Offered in 2018 with GEI Academy


Post Graduate Academic Researchers 2019 to join our brand new GEIAcademy- find out more at



We  offer 10 places for post graduate researchers in 2019. The next intake for a 3 month Research Placement is January 2019.

We train students at all levels in depth in terms of academic work, life and career pathways and content, literature and methodology and each student develops along their own route to their agreed aims with our tutors and educators, lecturers, authors and teachers.Each student is assigned a personal tutor who looks after them during their stay.

We expect students normally to achieve at least 4 academic citations during their time with us and this is the typical amount achieved during the period.

We use a unique blend of multi disciplinary teams to help students and researchers realise their life long ambitions and we mentor them long after the initial placement. Nearly all our Researchers publish with us in a variety of publications and at a variety of levels, most of them give lectures and help others too. Many give public speeches and meet many other researchers.

Having our own publishing house and academic journal means that we can offer tutorials who are creating original thought to the highest of standards, and you can meet the authors in your daily work. We offer materials largely written by our top people in our global network of 30,000 people as well as developing a unique library of the best green and economics writing and literature.

The researcher is also invited to attend our Oxford University Conference on June 2019 and will receive email and in person tutorial guidance  during the research.


Some accommodation is available in house if required for students if they are coming from outside the UK.

In the first instance please send your cv and a letter of motivation to us


greeneconomicsinstitute@yahoo.com and info@geiacademy.org

The cost is £3,500 per student for three months as an Associate Researcher ( not including food, accomodation or transport but it does include all academic materials).

One of our tutorial team management will phone you to discuss opportunities and your aspirations.