Research at The Green Economics Institute


  1. We encourage writing from people of all walks of life from all  around the world and we keep the unique collection of global voices in print. So we dont edit the story, ideas or wording unless absolutely necessary to allow different ideas, cultures and experiences to come to the fore.
  2. We run the world’s first and only green academic journal The International Journal of Green Economics where people of all kinds -and very diverse are encouraged to submit double blind peer reviewed articles and to join the Editorial Board or become reviewers.
  3. We research and write briefing papers on a number of topical subjects. If you would like us to write one for your organisation please email us at info@
  4. We have students from undergraduate to post doctoral students learning with us, writing with us and participating in all our activities
  5. We have a network of 20,000 people, many are Professors, graduates, researchers, Nobel Prize winner, inventors of new ideas and change. Some are Kings, some are princes, some are from very ordinary backgrounds, but all are united by a wish to change the world for the better- and to create a world of more social and environmental justice.
  6. We produce unique  a lively regular and colourful range of diverse books on many different related subjects usually with either a thesis -or with a diverse range of voices and authors from all around the world.
  7. We write in other books for other organisations and publishers and have been published in many different languages.
  8. We have our own publishing house The Green Economics Institute Publishing House
  9. We publish academic Conference Proceedings for all our conferences
  10. We run several conferences a year mostly at Oxford University. In 2016 we will hold our 11th Annual Conference and we also run a number of mini conferences and workshops every year. This year the themes are Operationalising the Green Economy. Migration. Climate Change. Health and Well Being. Mental Health.
  11. We host many students coming on the Erasmus Plus Programme for 3-6 months living in or nearby and learning and studying with us.
  12. We run Professional Examinations and Qualifications suitable for CPD and offering successful candidates letters after their name for using Professionally and in  their careers
  13. We publish Thesis and Dissertations
  14. We publish single authored works dealing with interesting dilemmas
  15. We are known for our Philosophy work as we refashion the philosophy of Economics in order to allow for change making globally.
  16. We lecture at different universities usually as Invited lecturers and speakers. We do this all around the world.
  17. We participate in scientific conferences as we are experts in science and in climate change too.  We  participated in the Bonn Climate Science Conference  November 2017 as part of the COP21 and COP22 UNFCC Climate Change Processs  and will be participating in several COP climate conferences this year in April and COP24 in Katowice in Poland in December 2018.
  18. We are active in enabling women to participate at all levels in thought and philosophical debate and ensuring gender balance and also minority and inclusion in our work and run inclusion campaigns all the time.

Our Brand New GEI Academy will be launched soon – watch this space for more details

and email us to register your interest