Educational Administration and Delivery: Opportunities to join our Charity Team

Voluntary Opportunities in Educational Administration, operations and delivery:

New Educational Secretariat The Brand New GEIAcademy


The Green Economics Institute Trust is currently looking for new team members to help deliver its ground breaking education programmes for 2019. These are in the first instance voluntary posts ( we hope in future to be able to offer remuneration). Folowing on from 12 years of highly succesful academic and work experience programmes  with over 1000  wonderful students having gone through our programmes up to now, we are   planning  as a result to professionalise, formalise, develop and expand our educational offerings.

We are therefore  currently looking to create initially a voluntary team to take roles as our  Education Committee Members to make this happen and to deliver it:

  1. Student applicati0ns administrator
  2. Registrar of records and applications and qualifications
  3. Scheduler of weekly lectures and tutorials and student part time timetable
  4. Someone to help us set up our Post Graduate Courses
  5. Two people to deliver, coordinate and host  and run our work experience courses, and our remote courses
  6. Working with: Someone to welcome and host our Erasmus Plus students
  7. Someone to organise academic awards and coordinate them
  8. Ideally someone to head up our educational offerings.
  9. A financial administrator to budget and control the finances for these offerings as they start to evolve.

We need to fill all these roles in order to establish a more permanent Educational Secretariat to

fullfil and deliver the  long term goals of the Green Economics Institute Trust.

If you would be interested in joining us –  please email us today,  and with an email explaining how you would like to get involved and please attach a short cv as well. We look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to join this very exciting development.