The aims of the Trust are:

To advance the education and understanding of the public, both in the UK and internationally of Green Economics and Social and Environmental Justice and Economics Reform.

The work of the Trust is to promote education in the field of Green Economics, including economics and financial reform to enable social and environmental justice.


What, Who, How, What?

  • Education and Training
  • Environment / Conservation / Heritage
  • Economic / Community Development / Employment


  • The General Public / People in general especially those whose voices are not usually heard


  • Provides service
  • Provides advocacy / Advice / Information
  • Sponsors or undertakes research

The Green Economics Institute Trust Supports Education at The Green Economics Institute.

Work Placements – Study Placements, Charity Work, International work, development work, campaigning, qualifications, Professional training, academic writing, academic qualifications and advocacy, all detailed below:

Study placements of all types at all levels!

A Range of Programmes in Green Economics: Places now open throughout 2018. If you – or anyone you know is interested in this opportunity, the time is now!

Programmes include:

  • Residential Study and work experience or training
  • Daily Study and work experience or training
  • Part Time Study and work experience or training
  • Remote Study and work experience or training
  • The above are usually centred around one of our conferences or events. Usually in blocks of 1 month, 3months or 6 months.
  • The Green Economics Students’ College offering life-long career-support in a changing world
  • Opportunity to attend the 13th Annual Green Economics Conference at Oxford University in July 2018 and also all other events throughout the year
  • Full membership of the Green Economics Institute for one year
  • Meet and work with world’s leading academics and campaigners, forging new pathways in a time of economic and environmental challenges.
  • Certified Conference Attendance for participants
  • Unique Professional Qualification “Green Economist” by examination
  • Launching your career and changing your career, opening up the potential for Green Jobs and Green Careers as well as economics, environmental and scientific careers, international relations, politics and many other options.
  • Suitable for Erasmus + Students

These challenging programmes provide you with the analytical, written, presentation and publishing skills and experience to lead others towards your vision of a socially and environmentally more survivable and just, positive and exciting future – giving you the tools and know how to lead the power structures, policy making, institutions, and taking part as you learn in the way the world really works.

Please ask for details. Email us today for more information about the study programmes, for course and attendance fees and how to apply at or visit us at: and soon we are going to be launching the Brand New GEI Academy.

We run a formal set of Programmes with individual pathways for students. Some students follow a work experience pathway, some students follow our Charitable Trust Pathway, some students follow an academic pathway working on our academic publications and journal and some students follow a publishing pathway.

In 2018 we are particularly keen to hear from prospective students to help with academic and other conferences or fund raising activities. We especially want students who want to change the world, change economics or improve biodiversity or halt the tide of climate change.

Our students care about the world we live in and about other people and other creatures and tend to be innovators in one way or another. They tend to be doers and thinkers usually with a slightly unusual multiple aspect or interdisciplinary cv.s and are from all walks of life and often think about poverty and also how economics doesn’t really work today. We walk the talk and our team is very diverse in every aspect.

If you are a change-maker or see yourself at the forefront of innovation, or if you like writing or speaking or attending or running conferences, love nature or wildlife – have an international perspective, and are inclusive and caring then this may well be the study programme for you. Please email today for more details.

All participants on this programme will have enriching experiences and deepen their knowledge:

  • Green Economics Conference: attending and presenting a paper at our conferences held most often at Oxford University, with an attendance certificate
  • Writing and Editing Academic Papers for our Oxford University Conferences. We help all our students to publish with us and obtain their first citation
  • Some of our Students compile and edit our members’ international networking magazine The Green Economist and Policy Briefings, and Reports.
  • We give advise to governments about our vision of the future for a better world – we have in the past spoken at The Treasury and Cabinet Office for example and our student last year presented a Published Report to the Head of a Select Committee in Parliament.
  • Writing and Editing Books and Book Chapters. Most of our students recently have produced at least one book of their own ideas or collated those of other people. Our recent students’ books include The Greening of Italy, The Greening of India, Rebalancing the Global Economy, Greening the Global Economy, The Green Transport Revolution, The Greening of Latin America, The Mediterranean Economy: Crisis and Recovery and many more!
  • Research and economics analysis of the economy
  • Writing, editing and reviewing for Academic journal: The International Journal of Green Economics
  • Arranging Events especially our various Conferences
  • Organising campaigns
  • Running and participating in Field Trips
  • Running Training courses and speaking at events in a variety of settings.
  • Working on exhibition stalls with our teams
  • Helping us with our technology and innovation

We pride ourselves on the success of our inclusion practice. We are especially welcoming for people with all kinds of special needs and challenges including health, physical, mobility and personality. We also offer access, diversity and outstanding opportunities for minorities and people with non-standard backgrounds. We are proud of our record for creating true opportunities for social mobility. We welcome students from all backgrounds, countries, ability, gender and age.

Each year we welcome up to 25 students at any one time.

Please apply by emailing us at  to arrange to find out more information or fill out our enquiry form on this website.