Climate Action

We want Climate Action

We have been very active indeed in demanding climate action.

Here are some of our speeches and activities


QPCB7291 (50) Speech in Katowice Poland at COp24 to the climate march.

GBHV0717 (17)


On the march for climate at Katowice Poland COp24



Team members at our official exhibition stand at COP24


Ministers from around the world supporting our ideas and campaign for a faster climate ambition.

POZB7576 IMG_4397


Discussing our climate solutions with the Director of the African Development Bank and other speakers


The former Head of Greenpeace Spain visits our Official Exhibition Stand to discuss climate change


Our team members, Dorothy from Uganda and the Global Greens with The head of Macedonian TV at our exhibition stand.


Scary police line up during the march and minutes before our speech at the march


Pictured above hugely scary police waiting for us before the climate march in Poland. They had tear gas and large rifles.


Pictured above some of our lovely team members at our Official Exhibition Stand at COP24.


Pictured above The Minister from Chile prepares to discuss how to raise the ambition of the United Nations climate conferences taking this to COP25 Chile in 2020 with the Minister from Grenada at the High Level Press Conference


Pictured above the panel speakers on the importance of gender and the role of women in climate change solutions.


Discussing the role of Costa Rica with the Delegate Director from Costa Rica one of the countries with the most advanced pledges on climate change


Picured above- at COP24 -The Rep from the International Chamber of Commerce discusses our climate change ideas and our books

IMG_4711  Video of His Excellency Dr Mohamed Nasheed the former Prime Minister of the Maldeves who famously held the worlds first under water cabinet meeting to highlight the threat of climate change to his country.


Pictured Above His Excellency DR Mohamed Naseed from the Maldives.

Pictured below Ewa Suffin of Poland


IMG_4958 IMG_4961 Video of Ewa Suffin Jaquemart a former diplomat  on our Green Economics Institute Team explaining climate change and poland and COP24.