Pictured above the General Secretary of the UN who says Green Economy is the single most important tool to tackle climate change and the Executive Secretary of the COP United Nations Climate Conferences.


Pictured above- Some of our lovely team at COP24 on a climate march – from Japan, France and Germany and Oxford University.

The Green Economics Institute and GEI Climate are playing an increasing role on the global stage and in diplomacy in helping sort out the climate. We have had major delegations to COP 21 Paris, COP23 Bonn and COP 24 Katowice and have come up with a solution which diplomats, ministers and scientists agree will sort out the climate and deliver the Paris Climate Treaty.


This year we will be preparing for COP25 in Chile and also running an important campaign round the world to prepare for a more rigorous and more far reaching response to climate change involving everyone on the planet.


Pictured above- Some of our lovely Team members at our Official exhibition stand at COP24 Katowice in Poland, from Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute, Professors from Italy, and Brazil and team manager.BAMG9556 (3)

Our Official side event speakers at COP24 Katowice including wonderful speaker Dr Margarita Nieves Zarate, Top legal experts from the Environmental Law Foundations, Cambridge University, from France and The Princes Legal Director and COP22 Expert in Morocco, as well as delegates ambassadors from Japan, Brazil, Erasmus University, top renowned speakers, and members of the French Finance Ministry and many others. They are holding up our book Womens Unequal Pay and Poverty which has been used by the United Nations to help women and the sustainable development goals.


Pictured above- Explaining our new solutions to climate change on Moroccan TV at COP24


Pictured above- explaining our ideas to The Head of the CommonWealth at Cop24 Katowice Poland.


Pictured above: The Fossil of the Day Award being given out to a country for dragging their heels at COP24 Katowice.

UJZB7539 (57) A video of the Press Conference of High Level Ambition Ministers at COP24 Katowice where we helped to push the ambition further and faster.Pictured below ministers representing Chile, Africa, Germany Grenada, Argentina, Norway and many more.Our intervention can be seen in the video.


We will also be preparing a low carbon delegation to Chile in January 2020 for COP25. Please get in touch if you would like to help in anyway or join our lovely team.


Preparing for COP25 Maritime UNFCC COP and the marine environment, above is with the head of Nigeria’s Marine Environmental Bureau.


There is now a special website with more information, numbers, evidence and graphs etc. but we will post what we can here too.

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The Green Economics Institute is delighted to advise that it is really active in the climate debate and diplomacy.

To find out more about its theories, books, activities, official research delegations to the United Nations and COP24 in particular in December 2018, please visit our specialist climate change website,  

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