Gift Aid

Increase your Charitable donation by 25% with Gift Aid.


Gift Aid makes a huge difference to us. We receive an extra 25% and it costs you nothing! £5 becomes £6.25, £10 becomes £12.50…£100 becomes £125.00!

If you’re a UK taxpayer, you can make your donations to The Green Economics Institute Trust’s Work on Social and Environmental Justice and Education about Reforming Economics and Creating a Green Economy,  go even further. Just fill in and return the simple form  below and we can claim back 25p of tax for every pound you donate. If you’ve donated to us or plan to donate in other ways, completing this form will make your money go further.

Please give your full name and home address and tick the relevant box or we can’t claim Gift Aid.

Government Gift Aid Form

Contact us to find out more about Gift Aid or take a look on the website.

The Green Economics Institute Trust wouldn’t exist without our generous supporters. We are incredibly grateful for the continued support we receive and take pride in ensuring that all our fundraising is honest, legal, transparent and respectful of all our donor’s wishes.