The Green Economics Institute Trust

Picture above are some of our Trustees at our Annual Oxford University Conference.

Who we are
The Green Economics Institute Trust is very active in Changing the Narrative of Economics, Climate Change and in the Education of the Public about Green Economics. The Green Economics Institute Trust is a Charity Registered with the Charities Commission in England and Wales.


Education of the Public: The main aim of our Trust is to spread the word to the public about Reform of Main Stream Economics and to develop and implement Green Economics by all sorts of means but particularly via Education. It is also to create advance social and environmental justice.

Current Projects and Activities

In particular the trusts main projects  at the moment are:

Economics Reform, Development of Green Economics and its Philosophy, Leading via our official delegation to the United Nations in solutions to stop rnnaway climate change,changing economics to ensure no one gets left behind including gender and minority and indigenous issues and also creating understanding of human health, mental health, gender perspectives and also work on the history and background of inclusion, access and  migration. We also work on biodiversity and species loss and more understanding for nature, other species, the planet and its systems.

Our Work
Its main activities aim to show innovative and effective solutions to Economic problems and human survivability using Green and Economics Solutions.

We work on social and environmental justice in its widest aspects and show how its all linked together. We work advising governments and Ministers all over the world about what is possible and likely in the next few years. We are currently working on how to move everyone to 2 tonnes of carbon equivalent per person per year by 2022 in the run up to a zero carbon world and the economics implications of that change.

For example we have more detailed websites-visit to see all of them. We have and for our  climate change and diplomacy at the highest level discussing the future of the world’s economy. We also work on migration as an important economics topic.

How we create really effective solutions for today’s problems
It carries out extremely effective research and finds solutions to today’s problems which have been adopted by governments and Ministers throughout the world and which are being used also to inform scientists and world leaders at the COP climate conferences.

Our Trustees as of February 2019
1.Marlyn Lee Hughes: Chair of Trustees and is an educational specialist in charge of our qualification programme and conferences activity.
2.Miriam Kennet: Founding Trustee and Treasurer, Editor of our Academic Journal, The International Journal of Green Economics published by Inderscience, Academic Publishers and she  is responsible for the United Nations COP Climate Diplomacy and activity overall.
3.Professor Maria Madi: (Brazil) Education Expert Committee, Qualifications, Books, Publications, The Green Economist
4. Anjikwi Mshelbwala: (Nigeria) is an ActionAid IT and green cities and infrastructure specialist. He works on our conferences provision and IT.
5. David Williams: A councillor in Oxford for many years, and a specialist in International Education, running wonderful training courses and China. He advises us on education in Oxford and our conferences and also on Migration.
6. Bianca Madison- Vuleta: Keeps us up to date on campaigns and green ideas and is a specialist in green issues and runs a therapy company and writes in our books.
7.Paul Kennet ( UK and South Africa) is a founding trustee and a technical engineering, process and energy specialist. He is very active running our conferences and exhibitions stands and stalls and book sales.

8. Hans Kare Flo (Norway) Is a technical trade union research director and member of an influential NGO in Oslo, Norway.

9. Dr Aaron Sterniszky (Austria) is a research specialist and authority on IT and automation and its effects on jobs and the economy.

For more information please email the Trust at

Our Range of Trustees From all walks of Life
Our Trustees include people from all walks of life- from Councillors to people active in the city, to people working in energy firms, financial advisors, Directors, Managing Directors, people working as Pension Board Directors as well as green activists, writers and academics.

Getting involved

All the literature and research shows that doing something for others or for charity is really good for our mental health.

We are always pleased to have new team members and will be delighted to hear from you if you would like to join us to make a  difference in the real world with us. Just email us at You can choose to become a member and take part in our lovely and exciting activities,  or you can  give a contribution or  a donation to us.

 Educational Courses, research, writing, qualifications with GEI

We now have a special web area – where all our educational information can be found. In 2019 we are offering brand new summer schools with our Chinese Partners for the public, students and policy makers,  in Oxford at the University in August and September, please email us at
We also have Post Doc and Researchers, writers, professors and all levels of students with us for several months each year. We have recently begun to welcome Research Students -usually post graduate for longer periods and projects of their choice. This has brought new depth and maturity to our work. Please email if you would like to take part in this programme.

Professional Qualifications and Education
We run our Professional Examination Course and are an award granting body. We have students living in for several months often in the summer.
the Trust works with students at all levels to provide or support education from undergraduate, CPD Continuous Professional Development, One Day courses, weekend courses, Professional Qualification Courses and Masters, PhD and many other courses including special courses for different organisations.

We give all our students Oxford style tutorials, class room learning and learning by doing all sorts of innovative work.
Many of our students obtain several citations, including whole books, papers and other publications and public speaking on their cv and many other unique experiences which they all value and really enjoy. We also provide Professional Qualifications at all levels and our courses are suitable for CPD as well.

We have published over 100 books and academic proceedings have been published by the Green Economics Institute, which support the work of the Trust,  in the 9 years up to February 2019,  all on economics, social and environmental justice themes. These all also  support the work we do in educating the public and our students and members in particular.Visit our  brand new website, at to find out more.

Our brilliant network
Our Books, Events and Conferences support the work of the Charity. We have 20,000 people in our network across the globe and lots of volunteers at any one time helping us achieve our aims of changing the worlds economy.

Contact us at