Stop Racism – Stop Zenophobia- love thy neighbour – help thy neighbour

The Green Economics Institute pledges to fight zenophobia in all its forms


This lunchtime whilst out with friends I saw the very ugly face of racism
Racism is ugly inside and outside -it makes a person ugly
doesnt matter how much paint they wear or how much make up and fine clothes- inside the person is uncaring and ugly- very ugly
I am rededicating my institute to fight racism and intolerance, ignorance and prejudice much more than ever before
I challenge everyone who reads this and everyone who supports the wonderful work of the green economics institute- to stand up and ensure they see the connections between their thoughts, their own actions and racism and intollerance, in private life, soclal life and public life and public office. Lets us be a beautiful nation both inside and outside, let us in the institute be beautiful both inside and outside- never ever stoop to hating someone for what they are or their parents are or were, never ever hate for the sake of it- its very very ugly -and above all ignorant and it leads to terrible things- which often are not intended-
but that is the nature of ignorance- DO NOT fall into the trap- hating one person, or any group leads to terrible consquences,
it is NEVER ever a good thing and it never ever leads to anything nice- no matter what you might hope or believe-
Love thy neighbour as you love yourself-
Do as you would be done by always with everyone –
Every day of your life