Membership of The Green Economics Institute Trust 2019

Membership of The Green Economics Institute Trust

Our wonderful members allow and support us in carrying out our change making work.

We rely on a lively membership to work for social and environmental justice behind the scenes in long term projects where it really counts and helps lead and change public opinion. We work to establish truth and science and ensure our message gets through to people all over the world.


Benefits of Membership of The International Network of the

Green Economics Institute Trust


Membership Form to Join Us please fill this in and email it back to us and ask us for a payment invoice. We appreciate payments via paypal.

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Our events in 2019

The next events are:

  1. 14th Annual Green Economics Institute Oxford University Conference. 14th 15th 16th 17th June 2019 and and and
  2. Green Economics Institute 2 and  3 weeks Summer School 11th August onwards 2019 in Oxford with our Chinese Partners and others and
  3. Green Economics Institute  Study Summer Programmes in Oxford and
  4. Green Economics Institute Remote Study Programmes teaching via skype- all year including bespoke programmes for our Chinese students and writers and anyone wishing to study with us.
  5. Green European Foundation 1 Day Conference delivered by The Green Economics Institute and looking at Green Cities and a charter for using IT and Technology in a better and more healthy way and exploring its effects on people. Oxford in the Summer of 2019.
  6. Green Economics Institute Publications Programmes for people wishing to publish their writing and training and publishing programmes including bespoke programme for Chinese students or writers.
  7. Autumn  Pre COP Climate Change Briefing for our delegation  for our delegation to Chile COP25 United Nations Climate Conference.
  8. COP United Nations Delegation to COP25 in Chile,  UNFCC  November 2019



COP25 November 2019  Chile, one of our largest ever delegations – come and join us

Currently we are preparing our United Nations COP25 Climate Change Conference Delegation and we need lots of new members to support the delegation and we are signing up more people to help with this than ever before. We will have our largest ever COP delegation this year with 100 people already registered with us and more registering every day. In order to apply to attend you need to do the following:

a) Join the Green Economics Institute- email us and we will advise the process and send you an invoice

Our special 1 day Pre COP Briefing  in London

b) If you wish to attend our 1 day conference in London  please email -we are setting up an eventbrite registration and we will send you the link –

Our Inclusive Carbon Rationing  Multi International Exhibition Stand at COP25

c) if you want to come to our exhibition stand in the United Nations Pavillion which we won a competition to have,  More details on the United Nations Website and we will post them shortly or If you can help please email us now

Our Official Side Event in the United Nations Pavillion of Cop25  email us to check dates.

d) we will also have our Official Side Event  and against stiff competion and will be working with our partners from The Congo, Cambridge University, Norway and many more. More details will be posted shortly or can be found on the United Nations Website.

d) if you can help with admin, preparation, transport, books, research – any aspect of the climate work please email us today.

We currently have 200 people wanting to support us and so please do join this lively and effective group. We helped negotiate COP21 in Paris with our special side events and our Exhibition Stand to which many influential country negotiators came just before entering the voting chamber! Ban Ki Moons own climate negotiators even came to see us to tell us we had the best solutions for solving climate change.

To join us as a member: you can either pay via paypal or via eventbrite or BACS- all you need to do is email us to let us know that you would like to join us to support our work and join our activities and we can do the rest.

Have a look at the activities of our members here

Have a look at our activities of our recent COP  climate change delegations

We have produced many books and reports on climate change –find them here

We work tirelessly to reform economics- find some of our work here


The following information is for those who are new to The Green Economics Institute Trust and want to be part of our permanent delegation to the United Nations Climate Conference so for COP24 ( if you have already registered you dont need to repeat it. If you want to register for our next United Nations Conferences then please follow the process below)

How to Register to Join our UNFCC COP 25 Climate Change Delegation to Chile  November 2018

If you would like to register to attend the COP25  Climate Change Conference in November 2019 please register here.The United Nations registrations has strict deadlines months before for all its conferences.
Please a) register here by   emailing us at to let us know you want to attend, and then

b) please ensure you have and as we need everyone who wants to come to be a paid up member of the Trust.

c) In order to for us to register and nominate  you with the United Nations, ready for us to select our team, we need you to send an email with the following details. (Failure to do so will mean you wont be registered with the United Nations): Your title, institution,  names, family name last, email address, date of birth, place of birth, passport issuing office, country of passport issue, nationality.(This pathway is open for the next conference so please register now in time)

d) Please also ensure that you write in the same email that you will allow us to have this data and use it for the purposes of nominating you for the COP Climate Conference.

Please note this is the first part of the process. After we nominate everybody, then nearer the time we have to decide which group makes the best most practical team. We cant add new people but we get given a quota quantity of people by the United Nations and we then make up teams ready to attend. We hope to have teams in both of the main areas of the COP24. One team to negotiate, one team to run the side event, two teams to run exhibition stands and one team to support the whole operation. We cannot guarantee who will be in which teams at this stage as it depends on the quotas we are allocated by the United Nations but if you want to be involved we can include you.

We also need managers and fund raisers now ( who dont necessarily have to travel to the conference)  to support the teams.

e) We have developed a set of terms and conditions applying to our teams for everyones health and safety and smooth runing of our delegation. Please ensure you do read the terms and conditions.