Climate Action Now at the Green Economics Institute

Climate Action Now- At the Green Economics Institute


On the climate march with our special COP24  gas mask over our mouths to indicate the extreme levels of air pollution reaching 150 on the air  pollution monitors making the lovely city of Katowice the worst in Europe – due to its brown coal smog in the air everywhere.


The continued financing of fossil fuels is really stupid and one of the main reasons why climate action is being delayed- people have had enough of this and moves are afoot to ask finance companies to stop it-you can do this today by checking any investments or companies you deal with to divest immediately from fossil fuels.


‘End Public Subsidies of Dirty Energy’ was a call heard around the COP24


Young people are angry that their future is being stolen and are calling for a global school boycott to sort it out.


Our stall at COP24 advocating Green Economics to sort out the climate.


A press conference called by Government Ministers of the High Level Ambition Group calling for more urgency in the COP climate talks  – including representatives of many countries including Chile, Germany, Grenada, Africa, Norway and supported by the United Kingdom and many other governments.


The Green Economics Institute is very active in creating climate action and leading on its ideas and concepts and solutions.


Additionally we are taking action and supporting others.


Gender matters and it is often women and children who suffer from the effects of climate change first and more deeply and are less able to escape its effects. For example In New Orleans it was predominately women who lost their lives.




Shown here was us reaching out to the humanity in the police who were wearing tear gas cannisters and rifles and were very nervous. They also have families and children and what a climate treaty. This photo went viral.


Every day at COP a fossil of the day award was given to the country which dragged its feet the most- on this particular day the award went to Australia which appeared to be supporting the country blocking block – USA Russia and Saudi.


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The front of the COP24 climate march in Katowice which Reuters sent around the world. We addressed the march and told them about our 2 tonnes of carbon campaign.


Ministers representing the less developed countries of the global south and the whole of the European Union addressing a High Level Ministerial Special Press Conference to ask the world to go faster, to acknowledge the science and to go carbon free.


Fossil of the day being awarded at COP24