Invitation to Write with The Green Economics Institute Publishing House


We are pleased to encourage new writers and to receive writing for our books, journals and briefing papers. We have already published more than 100 books and proceedings.

Each of our books is based on a network of usually up to 30 inspiring writers, from all around the world and all contributing and working for a common purpose to change the world or for one of our global campaigns. We invite you to write in our books

Some of them are listed here. Please advise us if you would like to write a chapter in them. We publish theses and dissertations and other single authored works as well as contributed volumes of up to 40 different writers from round the world which we find delightful. Book titles for 2016 and 2017 for which we invite you to submit chapters and writing:

New Books in production at the moment for which we are inviting new writing


You are welcome to contribute writing and chapters or to join the team for all or any of the following:


1. Migration and Refugees and Human Rights http://www.greeneconomicsinstitutetrust.org/research/invitations-to-write-in-our-books/

2. Trees and why they are important

3. Thirst:Water, seas and rivers today

4. Malaysia

5. Turkey

6. Germany

7. Greece and Cyprus

8. The Post oil economy in the Gulf  Editor Hend Ahmet (Egypt)

9 The Post oil economy in Norway

10. Climate change changes ! : Anecdotal from around the world- send in your evidence of a locality near you

11. Recycling

12.Food including books on the following: raw food, slow food, organic food, local food, sustainable food chains

13.  Green Economics and the Path to Enlightenment

14. Democracy in Crisis
15. Austerity and the crisis

16. The Greening of Western Europe

17. Ending the War against women

18. The power of individuals against the big power elites

19. Stopping the 21st century landgrab (Rose Bridger and Michelle S Gale de Oliveira)

20. Saving the NHS: The Jewel in the Crown

21. Non human species

22 Neo feudalism and modern slavery

23 The Garment industry around the world

24 The Supply Chain and Procurement in the 21st century.

25 What ever happened to small businesses and the artisan.

26 Climate science

27 Uganda  (Editor Laurynas Jokobites )


Please email: GEIBooksandjournal@yahoo.co.uk for the invitation to write for the book above that appeals to you most. Please send your idea for any other book or book chapter. 


We also publish dissertations and theses at all levels. Please send in your idea or completed work.

We are happy to discuss new ideas. We do not ask for an application prefering to see the text or idea you wish to submit and your cv.

We are very pleased to accept single chapters for any of our books.

The Editors decision is final.

Please also allow us time to publish. It can take anything between 1 week and 2 years to get a book ready depending on the complexity of the copyrights and other issues. Please ask us and we can usually give you an estimate of how long it will take.

We rarely reject an idea- sometimes its not in our range of production or sometimes there are legal or copyright issues which complicate the process. We are very happy to advise and we specialise in developing new authors as well as mature and experienced authors to write something they want to enjoy.