Great Books in Print November 2018

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Great Books in print: November 2018


We now have over 50 book titles for our readers to enjoy.

We are pleased to announce our current economics specialist books

Our full range is displayed at on our brand new books website.

Top books include:

1. Growth for sustainability, critique of economics for the post oil age  ISBN 9781907543135

2 Economics of social justice ISBN 9781907543463

3. Rebalancing the  economy  ISBN 9781907543845

4. The Greening of Finance and Banking ISBN 9781907543203

5. The European economy, crisis and recovery ISBN 9781907543319

6. The Greening of Global Finance ISBN 9781907543401

7. Green Economics Methodology ISBN 9781907543357

8 Citizens income ISBN 9781907543074

9. Handbook of Green Economics ISBN 9781907543036

10. Green Economics Reader ISBN 9781907543265


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