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Economics Books

  1. Handbook of Green Economics: A Practitioner’s Guide (2012) Edited By Miriam Kennet, Eleni Courea, (Cyprus) Alan Bouquet & Ieva Pepinyte (Lithuania)  ISBN 9781907543036
  2. Green Economics Methodology: An Introduction (2012) Edited By Tone Berg (Norway), Aase Seeberg (Norway) and Miriam Kennet ISBN 978190754357
  3. The Green Economics Reader (2012) Edited By Miriam Kennet ISBN 9781907543265
  4. Rebalancing the Economy (2014) Edited by Christopher Brook, Cambridge University and Miriam Kennet. ISBN9781907543845
  5. Economics of Social Justice: A Handbook for Students (2015) Edited by Miriam Kennet, Iolanda Cum (Italy) and Sabeeta Nathan ISBN 9781907543463
  6. Growth for Sustainability – A Critique of Economics for the Post Oil Age (2016) Edited by Keissi Prendushi (Italy and Albania), Miriam Kennet (UK) and Federica Oriana Savarino (Sicily, Italy) ISBN 9781907543135
  7. Values, Valuation and Valuing, Edited by Professor Maria Madi( Brazil) and Miriam Kennet (UK) ISBN 9781907543647
  8. The future of Income, Work and Labour. Edited by Miriam Kennet (UK) ISBN 9781907543531


Finance Books

  1. The Greening of Global Finance: Reforming Global Finance c (2013) Edited By Professor Graciela Chichilnisky (USA and Argentina), Michelle S. Gale de Oliveira (USA and Brazil), Miriam Kennet, Professor Maria Madi (Brazil) and Professor Chow Fah Yee (Malaysia) ISBN 9781907543401
  2. The Reform of Global Banking by Professor Maria Madi and Kamile Buskavaite (Brazil and Lithuania) (2015) ISBN 9781907543203


Geographies of Green Economics

  1. Greening the Global Economy (2013) Edited by Sofia Amaral (Portugal) and Miriam Kennet ISBN 9781907543944
  2. Green Economics: The Greening of Asia and China (2012) Edited by Miriam Kennet (UK) and Norfayanti Kamaruddin (Malaysia) ISBN 9781907543234
  3. Green Economics: Voices of Africa (2012) Edited By Miriam Kennet, Amana Winchester, Mahelet Mekonnen (Ethiopia) and Chidi Magnus Onuoha (Nigeria) ISBN 9781907543098
  4. The Greening of Eastern Europe (2013) Edited By Miriam Kennet and Dr Sandra Gusta (Latvia) ISBN 9781907543418
  5. Green Economics: The Greening of Indonesia (2013) Edited By Dr Dessy Irwati and Dr Stephan Onggo (Indonesia) ISBN 9781907543821
  6. The Greening of Latin America (2013) Edited By Michelle S. Gale de Oliveira (USA and Brazil), Maria Fernanda Caporale Madi (Brazil), Carlos Francisco Restituyo Vassallo (Dominican Republic) and Miriam Kennet ISBN 9781907543876
  7. Africa: Transition to a Green Economy (2013) Edited By Dr Chidi Magnus (Nigeria) ISBN 9781907543364
  8. Green Economics & India (2014) Edited by Professor Natalie West, Professor Indira Dutta, Odeta Grabauskaitė, Kanupriya Bhagat (India) and Miriam Kennet ISBN 9781907543500
  9. The Greening of the Mediterranean Economy (2013) Edited by Miriam Kennet, Dr Michael Briguglio, (Malta) Dr Enrico Tezza, (Italy) Michelle S Gale de Oliveira (Brazil and USA) and Doaa Salman (Egypt) ISBN 9781907543906
  10. The European Economy: Crisis and Recovery (2014) Edited by Miriam Kennet ISBN 978190754346
  11. The Eastern European Economy, Policy and Practise for Recovery, (July 2014) Professor Dr Dzintra Astaja (Latvia) and Odeta Grabauskaitė (Lithuania) ISBN 9781907543890
  12. The Greening of Italy: Crisis and Recovery (2014) Edited by Alberto Truccolo (Italy) ISBN 9781097543920
  13. The Green Economy in Post Paris Africa (2017) By Dr Sadiq Okoh (Nigeria) ISBN 9781097543


Health and Well Being Books

  1. The Greening of Health and Well Being (2012) Edited by Katherine Kennet, Michelle Gale de Oliveira and Miriam Kennet ISBN 9781907543760
  2. NHS Continuing Health Care (2016) Edited by Peter Lang (UK) ISBN 9781907543753
  3. Productivity and Health: A state level analysis of Indian Agriculture.By Shilpa Chaudhary. (India) ISBN 9781907543715


Social Policy Books

  1. The Greening of Health and Well being (2013) Edited By Michelle S. Gale de Oliveira, Miriam Kennet and Dr Katherine Kennet ISBN 9781907543760
  2. The Vintage Generation, the Rocking Chair Revolution (2015) Edited by Miriam Kennet and Birgit Meinhard – Schiebel (Austria) ISBN 9781907543517
  3. Citizen’s Income and Green Economics (2012) By Clive Lord, edited by Judith Felton and Miriam Kennet ISBN 9781907543074
  4. Green Economics: Women’s Unequal Pay and Poverty (2012) Edited By Miriam Kennet, Michelle S Gale de Oliveira, Judith Felton and Amana Winchester ISBN 9781907543081
  5. Young People: Green Jobs, Employment and Education (2012) Edited By Miriam Kennet and Juliane Goeke (Germany) ISBN 9781907543258
  6. The Philosophy of Social Justice (2015) Edited by Miriam Kennet and Samuel Gilmore ISBN 9781907543739
  7. Fairtrade (2016) Jessica Bosseaux (France, Switzerland) ISBN 9781907543708

Energy and Climate Policy

  1. Green Economics and Climate Change (2012) Edited By Miriam Kennet and Winston Ka-Ming Mak (Hong Kong and UK) ISBN 9781907543104
  2. Green Economics: The Greening of Energy Policies (2012) Edited By Ryota Koike (Japan) and Miriam Kennet ISBN 9781907543326
  3. Rolling back the tide of climate change: energy policy in the USA and China (2015) Professor Peter Yang (China and The USA) Autumn 2015 ISBN 9781907543777
  4. Renewables are getting cheaper (2016) Edited by Professor Peter Yang ISBN 9781907543722
  5. Biomassa Algale (Autumn 2015) Iolanda Cum. (Italy) ISBN 9781907543982
  6. Renewable Energy Economics in Egypt and the MENA Region (2016) by He8712419335_51e3591beb_c

Food, Farming and Agriculture

  1. Green Economics & Food, Farming and Agriculture (2013) Edited by Michelle S. Gale de Oliveira, Rose Blackett-Ord and Miriam Kennet ISBN 9781907543449
  2. Greening the food on your plate (2013) Edited by Michelle S. Gale de Oliveira, Rose Blackett-Ord and Miriam Kennet ISBN 9781907543654


Biodiversity, conservation and animal protection Books

  1. Biodiversity Loss: The Variety of Life Under Threat (2015) Anna Wainer, Odeta Grabauskaitė (Lithuania) and Miriam Kennet ISBN 9781907543227


Lifestyle Books

  1. The Green Transport Revolution (2013) Edited By Richard Holcroft and Miriam Kennet ISBN 9781907543968
  2. Green Poetry, Art and Photography (2013) Edited by Dr Matt Rinaldi, Rose Blackett-Ord, Friedericke Oeser Prasse (Germany) and Miriam Kennet ISBN 9781907543784
  3. The Green Built Environment: A Handbook (2012) Edited By Miriam Kennet and Judith Felton ISBN 9781907543067
  4. Building Sustainable Communities: Life and Thoughts of Henry Cox (2016) Edited by Henry Fieglar (Lithuania, Canada and Greece) ISBN 9781907543197
  5. Cities, urbanisation and green spaces. Charting the move to our becoming an urban species. (2017) Edited by Miriam Kennet (UK)  and Dr Ehtisham Abasi (India and Saudi) ISBN 9781907543

Miriam Kennet

Philosophy Books

  1. Integrating Ethics, Social Responsibility and Governance, (2013) Edited by Tore Audin Hedin, (Norway), Michelle Gale de Oliveira, Miriam Kennet ISBN 9781907543395
  2. The Philosophical Basis of the Green Movement (2013) Edited by Professor Michael Benfield, Miriam Kennet and Michelle Gale de Oliveira (Brazil) ISBN 9781907543548
  3. The Philosophy of Social Justice (2015) Edited by Miriam Kennet and Samuel Gilmore. ISBN 9781907543739
  4. Green Culture, Cultures and Philosophy (2016) Edited by Nelly Eysholdt (Germany) and Miriam Kennet ISBN 9781907543661

Migration Books

  1. Introducing Migration (2016) Edited by Henry Fieglar and Miriam Kennet ISBN 9781907543210



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