Books – invitation to write- November 2016






Call for Papers, book chapters and books on the following themes

  1. Innovations in Values and Valuation
  2. Green Values and Valuation
  3. Climate Change experience and anecdotes from around the world
  4. The Caribbean Islands
  5. The Greening of Turkey
  6. The Greening of Greece and Cyprus
  7. The Greening of Norway
  8. The Post oil economy around the world
  9. Green issues, the new battle ground of global politics- please send in contributions
  10. Women – the new battle ground of global politics
  11. Globalisation, trade treaties and protectionism and isolation – the new battle ground of global politics
  12. Water
  13. Recycling and waste
  14. Biodiversity and other species
  15. Flooding droughts extreme events and climate instability
  16. Aviation
  17. Understanding North America
  18. The crisis of democracy
  19. The unequal world in which power is bought and sold. How do we deal with it?
  20. The post factual, post truth and post logical world?
  21. IT – a new battle front in the global economy, hackers, software, open source- what does it all mean, how to regulate it?
  22. Labour- jobs- the precariat –the unequal and uncertain world of work – the new world order. Almost everyone loses. How did we get here and where do we go from here.
  23. The fall of the soft left –and what will replace the job it was doing?
  24. The fall of the soft left and what will replace it in politics ?
  25. Migration, refugees and retelling the story, what the establishment doesn’t want you to know. Migration as business as usual since time began!
  26. Climate change and migration – has anything changed?
  27. Regulation – banking, the economy, fraud, corruption, environment – why is this so unpopular?
  28. The demographic shift- young people, older people and the impact on the economy of the lost generation
  29. Investment, The property market, the drift away from the banks, towards gold and uncertainty.
  30. Green Investment Instruments and Institutions
  31. Education and inequality.
  32. Achieving Mental health and Well Being

We are now officially a Medium Sized Independent Publisher with over 100 titles. This is a very rare thing indeed! If you would like to help us in anyway please do get in touch –we always need editors, writers, managers, book sellers, marketers etc.

Unlike other publishers we don’t ask for a book proposal at the outset but we have our own process for deciding which books and subjects to go forward with! We specialise in both new voices and writers and also much more experienced top level writers. We value diversity and our writers come from all walks of life and all parts of the globe!


Please email and If you would like to write a chapter or an entire book or edit or commission a book on any of the above or other subjects.