The Green Economics Institute

The Green Economics Institute Trust works to develop a world of social and environmental justice and to enable Economics to be more inclusive and more benevolent for all people everywhere, nature, other species, the planet and its systems. We aim to develop economics from todays destructive discipline into something more productive which can foster social and environmental justice rather than fight against them.

We work on the philosophy and background to economics and prevailing ideas and our global network of innovators and change makers has already influenced world debates and policies in this direction.

This includes active work to prevent runnaway climate change and we have a delegation to the UNFCC COP Conferences. We also work for the benefit of other species, the planet and also raise awareness of longer term thinking in economics, policy making and project impacts.
Our Charitable Trust, founded in 2007, backs up this works by educating the public about the ideas we have come up with.
We believe everyone counts and everyone matters, and our team is both inclusive and colourful. We walk the talk and practise what we advocate.
We are an international network of 20,000 people and are always pleased to welcome new innovators, change makers and visionary thinkers at all levels.