The General Secretary of the United Nations said this winter that:The Introduction of the Green Economy was the single most important thing to stop climate change!

The Green Economics Institute Trust is a  Registered Charity which provides education for social and environmental justice to the general public and also education for Green Economics and Reform of Economics.  Our Educational activities include: Providing courses, qualifications, publications, an academic journal, magazines, writing, books and events as well as running Exhibition Stands, Teaching, hosting study programmes, and conferences mainly hosted at the University of Oxford. We also provide information and research.  We are diverse, inter and multidisciplinary, and work cross party attracting members from all walks of life and all political persuasions, except the far right.

We are the experts, having worked on this concept since its inception and raised it to a global profile where is it one of the only solutions on the table to prevent utter catastrophe and runaway climate change. Join us today- (visit for the technicals.). Attend our events and find out how you can stop feeling powerless and start making a difference. Email to find out more.


  1. Our official United Nations Climate Conference Delegation to Bonn,Germany at the United Nations Climate Head Quarters in June 2019.

2. The 14th Annual 3 Day Green Economics Institute Conference will take place between the 12th 13th 14th 15th    of July 2019 at Lady Margaret Hall,  University of Oxford-9 Years to save ourselves and nature -Time to Act- Climate Action – Saving civilisation, 15 years of Green Economics and The Green Economy, how  do we make sure it creates social and environmental justice avoiding a mad max scenario, 6th Ever mass extinction of species, and runaway climate change. Creating a world of 2 tonnes of carbon equivalent scenario by 2022-  Join us for this important conference -find out how it all works. Call for papers, speakers, partners, sponsors, sessions, workshops, ideas, themes. More information will be posted here regularly. Email us today at

We will also be introducing Our  for education of the public for a world of 2 tonnes of carbon per person by 2022 which is now gaining traction around the world as the best solution to stop runaway climate change and involve everyone on the planet. If this includes you please email to request a place. If you would like to take part and influence the outcome and stop runaway climate change please come along. Admission is by ticket. Please come and find out how you personally can make a massive difference to the climate – email for a ticket. Visit our special climate website

3. Green Economics Summer School and Study Programmes in August 2019

Click below to download the programme- (Chinese language version below- English version coming shortly)

Green Economics summer programme 2019 (9)   Green Economics Summer Schools

Students being taken on for August  2019 in Oxford.We are offering a range of programes with our partners and through our academy. These will include a 2 week summer school in Oxford in August, a remote study programme in September, a Publications trainning course with mixed modes and a summer long practical and study programme for would be speakers, writers, diplomats and policy makers etc.Please email us at for more details of this work placement, study placement and training course programme which will provide students with the knowledge and tools to go out and make a difference at the highest levels as well as publications and citations of their own.

4. Chile COP25 United Nations Conference- Our Delegation in 2019


(Photo courtesy of Mark Driver in Chile)

COP25 Chile: Our Official United Nations Delegation to the COP 25 UNFCC Climate Change Conference in Chile. The Green Economics Institute is an official United Nations Climate Partner and  at COP25 we will have  2 events, a 30 strong delegation and an Exhibition stand providing information and education about 2 tonnes of carbon per person per year by 2022 as personal carbon  budgets and a fast ratcheting down by 50 per cent in 3 years of IMG_7561


(Photo courtesy of Mark Driver in Chile)

Carbon usage around the world. 60 government representatives from around the world have already signed our pledge- some of the biggest governments in the world are discussing it behind the scenes- scientists embrace it privately – we all know it makes sense- now lets make it reality- humans can do this- we need to get on with it.

2Tonnes of Carbon – lets stop runaway climate change together: A special one day conference debrief   for our Official United Nations Delegation to the Climate Conference Katowice COP24 and its special significance. Additionally we will be planning our delegation to Chile COP25 and planning an exciting method to allow our teams to travel with a very low carbon footprint.

Special COP and Urgent Climate Change One Day Education and  Training Course. To be held around Europe during 2019 to introduce the main issues, aspects urgency, what is being suggested and what is being done. This is a certificated 1 day course. Please ask for details of the next one. Email for more details.


The Green Economics Institute Trust  are the experts in Green Economics and Climate Change and have been working for 15 years  to develop a world of social and environmental justice and to enable Economics to be more inclusive and more benevolent for all people everywhere, nature, other species, the planet and its systems. We aim to develop economics from todays destructive discipline into something more productive which can foster social and environmental justice.

Join our global network as a member –visit or email us at

Our International Areas of Operation

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We work on the philosophy and background to economics and prevailing ideas and our global network of innovators and change makers has already influenced world debates and policies in this direction. This includes active work to prevent runaway climate change and we have a regular Research delegation to the UNFCC COP Conferences which works to futher the ambition of the United Nations COP Process and hurry it along. We also work for the benefit of other species, the planet and also raise awareness of longer term thinking in economics, policy making and project impacts.
Our Charitable Trust, founded in 2007, backs up this work by educating the public about the ideas we have come up with.
We believe everyone counts and everyone matters, and our team is both inclusive and colourful. We walk the talk and practise what we advocate.
We are an international network of 20,000 people and are always pleased to welcome new innovators, change makers and visionary thinkers at all levels.



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United Nations General Secretary – Green Economics

United Nations General Secretary says that Green Economics is single most important thing

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COP 24 GEI’s Official United Nations Delegation December 2018

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Conference Announcement: GEI Official United Nations Side Event COP24

Conference Announcement COP24 United Nations Climate Conference GEI Official Side Event  Thursday December

14th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference at Oxford University July 2019

14th Annual Green Economics Institute 3 Day Conference at The University of Oxford

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Green Economics Institute’s Official United Nations  COP24 Special 1 Day Conference on Monday

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Pathways to a Green Economy in Post Paris Africa   Our latest book

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